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  1. Wilted flowers and stone burdened hearts can make the world seem such a hard place. But once those flowers bloomed and filled the world with their grace and beauty. And once those stones were hewn from boulders by might rivers surging and brimming with life. A season and a time for all things 🙂

    1. I love that last line – a season and a time for all things. Were you ever an X files fan? I suspect you probably were not. I was (surprise surprise) and there is an episode called All Things written and directed by the glorious Gillian Anderson. It’s about exactly what you wrote here, so much. You could watch it in isolation to the series it’s that good.

      1. Never watched X files…. I get to watch such interesting things as Arnie S, although I do vote with my feet often. I have a very small Arnie window of viewing time 🙁

          1. I think I watch way too much as it is! We are Master Chef tragics in our household, so we’re nearing the tail end of the current series. That means four – five nights a week of cooking show, plus news and a few other in betweens. I do like Big Bang Theory. Sheldon is so delightfully socially inept and oblivious to his faux pas 🙂 I fondly call the show Brain Drain!

    1. Dearest Ipuna (pretty name btw – never heard of this name before and thought it so beautiful). Thank you so much both for reading this and commenting, it is very appreciated. Sorry for the late reply I have been feeling a little under the weather. Thank you again!

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