almas-gemeasWe may call ourselves
but as soon as we hang up
our dancing shoes
and put away
those lovely outfits
that stir life
like a well made cocktail
it is then
in the glow of firelight
and solace of old age
we rediscover the child
waiting within
as eager as ever
to reach out
on tip-toe

0 Replies to “Tip-toe”

    1. You are so lovely my friend. Thank you so much. Happy New Year to you for tomorrow. I hope you have a wonderful 2017. I did close my account down because of some online madness, but with this similar account I am back πŸ™‚ so appreciative of your kindness my friend.

          1. My Friend, I wanted to thank you for your support. You have that rare thing, a pure and good heart and I know that and I am SO grateful to know you. You affect people in such a positive way, every week, I hope you know that. I hope you know how appreciated and loved you are. xo

          2. Oh my gosh Candice, this means so much to me, thank you! I will never forget the kind way you encouraged me early on in my blogging. I love that WP can bring such different people together who share love of writing, and your talent has inspired me so much! I am very grateful our paths have crossed too. You are unique and intriguing and the honour is mine xo

    1. Sarah, If I have never told you before how much your writing moves me, how much your insight and compassion in this world is needed and valued, then I hope you read this because I truly feel that way and I am always, always so grateful for your friendship and your existence in this WP land because you are a light and a goodness we all need so very much. I hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend. Thank you.

          1. Well I think self esteem issues and progress from the high school mentality might be issues. Some never ever impress enough when returning to a high school reunion or home to visit the folks.
            I enjoyed my 2 past H.S. reunions because I never did give a damn what folks thought of me, even in H.S.

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