A tiny chasm that grows into a fracture


I dreamed the world cracked open

Revealing crystalline center

You pulled me in

The hollow game

And I said

I’ve been waiting forever

For to feel your grasp of me

I’d give up air

I’d give up breath

To inhale your need, however fleeting

For I am wilted in thirst

As when we, the frangipani observant

Bow our heads to the prophet

Took our turn at frankenmuth anointment

Hoping it would spare from wicked stir of time

Unleashing her malcontent

It seemed we were briefly saved

The madcap fickleness longer than

Most fragile shifting things

Including a gleam you once had

Entranced by my eyes, weeping in climax

Neck bent like reclining jasmine spilt from clay

Scent of amber and lapis, wrung on tepid air

Standing still in trance, simple pearlized pleasure

Pull my pin

There you go …

Five seconds, ten

Go real slow

When it’s

The end of

The world