There is a place, to quench your thirst
It lies
Further than you can reach
Nearer than losing hope
For if you fall short
And beseach the void
With nothing more than the scars of your trial
There will be no reply
From the dieties we cut out of paper and hang from the sky
There will be no response
From those Gods of the underworld, intent on war
And even calling upon Gia
She will cast a long weekend storm 
Drowning your faith in rain
Too easy to retrace and see again
The drizzle of despair, mocking courage
Only do not linger there on your knees
Carrying terror along a shiver of bone, knives on sleet
For haunted corridors have no permanent harness 
No freedom to defy, unless permission is granted
Only do not linger there in terror’s savage maw
Past fears may mount campaigns, but you
Sailed away on a blue midnight train
Wreathed in pale smoke and all unspoken dreams
For as long as you listen for fear, the record will remain
Stuck on a slow dance without willing partner
Choose your new shoes, write your own song
Frequent heartburn doesn’t hurt when you transfer to thirst
And drink deeply, for within the spring hope is refound
And God’s? They live not in clouds but within us
Lending the strength to never ever give up