If you opened me up
maybe with a zip or a crow bar
it is my belief inside I would be
eighty percent water from the sea
and twenty percent ghosts
who upon being freed
would walk away and let me be
so when I look longingly
at your scalpel or your blade
it is not because I wish to meet my maker
not yet anyway
but the irresistible urge to be freed
of these ghosts who pinch and knead
even if you fitted a zip dear sir
or inserted a pipe to let the smoke pour
anything would be preferable to this canker
an ulcer of lament forming malcontent
they weigh a lot for emotions past tense
no matter how hard I try they gain the upper hand
that’s what happens when your body is a grave yard
for souls who ripped you apart
you carry your history like a series of scars
nobody can see, they think you’re doing well
underneath your sequins it’s a bloody hell
sometimes I wish you could see how I feel
the cavernous maw of the unhealed
they don’t let go of my throat with their squeeze
when people jump I’m not surprised
who can live with such unease?
the ghosts inside us, reminding we’re never free
until we vanquish their poison
so give me some mercy
let them out
I would like to fly
but I have lost the ability to float

0 Replies to “The unhealed”

  1. Jumping is never the answer. And as you know I say that with all of me. Those ghosts and scars can be healed. For some that may seem impossible or a road that is too very long, but it isn’t. It truly isn’t. You are surrounded by love and it is my life’s mission to make sure people know this. I know what happens when they don’t. And while I tried my best to change how that one felt I couldn’t. So I strive to make sure others know they are part of the love that is us all.

    1. yes so true my friend so true. I agree, if we know we are surrounded by love it helps us move forward rather than give up. I think your efforts WORK and are always appreciated and make a difference in this world it’s one reason of many I really like you xo

  2. The 80% sea water and then 20% ghosts metaphor carried through rest of poem is particularly effective. It provides a solid backbone for your narrative. Well done.

          1. Some days just suck and we may feel a little beaten down and lost but we are survivors my friend and we need to keep reminding each other that we are bad asses. There is steel under there and hands reaching out here if you need them.

  3. My mentor told me to put all the “ghosts” in a suitcase, as it were, and send it with a one-way only ticket to Mongolia or the moon or some other place far, far away. And then never to attempt to retrieve it or open up and let the ghosts out! It actually worked quite well. Love and hugs, N πŸ™‚ <3

          1. Indeed! Makes me think WordPress could be renamed to something that more accurately reflects that reality πŸ™‚ the Crap press maybe. Oh dear, I need caffeine lol. Hugs back

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