f06565d259d01e56b4e9427f5a779fbcWhilst you in your helium balloon
parodied cause
for attention and reward
the high & the low of cruel regard
I observed your shift and nuance
they say hawks are not smart
my IQ would concur
we watch those who
flail in baskets of grandiose words
promises made by false hearts
unable to suture
they are the ruin of
even those who knew
their fate would warp and turn
evergreen from copper
plunged by impatient fists
with metallurgic use
those fevered minds
hoisting mercurial delusion
as flag over reason
swim shallow at day break
tinkering in their playground
and we who are
fatigued by empty surety
hold on until the cold burns us
lapsing down into clasping water
where no echo of their vanity shall show
but a still surface of glass reflecting
would that they could pause
finally see the error
mouthing lessons
unheard by fools
with inflation and sharp need
for the clamor of diffident stranger
over the solitude
of one heart
beating in
deep freeze