Ageing backward
once a child
stuffed with potential
you could be burned and
engage future with the severed fearlessness of the young
who do not believe the bell will toll for them
and come a day
marked by tree rings of frigid growth
looking up at sky emptied of cloud
how cruel the season burns
secrets from the branches
that day
an altered girl sinks beneath bath water
marred by her loathing self
what emerges trembled in fear
keep the lights on mama
she is returning to unknowing
It is the dementia of the soul
clamoring for relief
her bones are no longer soft and green
they grow lean and she curls
away from herself
those days of succor and wiggle
when was the last time you touched her like a flower?
and opening she cried into you
tumbling into a shared well of blossom
we both wear silver in our hair now
released from knowledge, return to unknown
lying like a split pomegranate
seeds spilling out
mouths stained radiant
how did you live so long to trap yourself?
back in the box of musk and gunpowder
the lock sounds like a scythe
it is cold and unworn
opposing sides climb to the rumor
you are undone