You had sat in the window ledge
of everywhere I lived over the years
light pouring through your
green glass making familiar
new destinations with known
you came all the way from Italy
when I saw the world through your colors
I saw the world differently shining into rooms
It had come down to this
either you or I
would break
you gave me preview
as fate will a look inside
what will happen, the night before
when you wobbled and nearly
tipped from your place
a warning
next time I will not be so fortunate
and I
chose to ignore
the peril
if not you
it would be myself
breaking into pieces
all over the floor leaving
shards of color ground to dust
through which another
world could exist
I swept you up
fat tears dropping
magnifying with saline
my apology
that it had to be
your sacrifice
not my courage
to beseech the spectacle of existing
and save another day
I may then
shatter with you