Dear Death
You come wrapped in different parts I discover 
It hurts Dear Death 
Considering you over another 
For whilst fond of sleep 
There will be no more dreams
I will only cease to feel
The brittle lisp of trying to walk in keeping with all the happy souls who stave off doing your bidding
As i blunder toward the front of the line
Trying to fast forward our cessation 
A voice asks me
Why do you not appreciate life?
I could never explain 
Born with a hole in myself 
No amount of repair sewed together 
The pieces of me I needed to prosper 
Thriving is not innate
Some do not know how to face
They exist in absentia
Behind walls and inside boxes
So much time can pass and you wouldn’t even know
They could be your sad faced neighbor
Cutting herself with the paring knife
Getting blood on the salad leaves
Passing it off as beetroot
She drowns herself in every bath
Swallows all the pills in the cupboard 
Gases the garage 
Throws knives at her running figure
To strike out that tumour 
Though it grows
Defeating her
Gnawing her defense to dust
Can you not understand?
The sorrow of those who 
Fall short of finding reason
Staring at high bridges
Wanting the pain to stop 
They let go