Go with the swallows
in last leaving light
submerging beneath
ancient vowels aching to
disperse into stars
surely as we stare
into knowing skies
seeing reflections of ourselves
incantations of former lives
where our shouts are heard
by the starling and the night birds
roosting beneath our dreams
surely, as we reach
to learn the meaning of such things
urged by the wistful lingering
adrenalin beneath our felt
stirring such courage to bear
another day, another question
cruelty may linger her long face
set against the timer like a watchful
scold may taunt the slower chase
still she has but fleeting power
when in another day another place
we rise
thundering on our heels
toward the mouth
where our claims are heard
on the itch of truth
scattering us wide
we are invisible
until woken
when we stride
wide and fruitful
the clamor of our substance
revealing in each birth
another head to count
one more female willing
to set her flame on high
and stir
in quiet formation
the centrifuge of life
in the shape of us

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  1. I wondered if the march would provoke a poem πŸ™‚ I love the opening lines, and I like your choice of birds, swift and unfettered as swallows, sociable and noisy as starlings and silently purposeful and night birds.

    1. I’m a cliche in that I was ‘bound’ to write something though not as much as I’d have suspected, probably because everyone else did and I’m not much for follow my leader πŸ˜‰

      1. To begin with I thought, great, wonderful, such a popular spontaneous movement, then someone pointed out to me that Trump has been president elect since last November, that 4 million out of 324million is pretty feeble when you think that we had 4million marching 48 hours after Charli Hebdo last year, out of a country of 67 million…You have to start somewhere I suppose πŸ™‚

        1. EXACTLY. I mean I’m with you in that, I think whilst the media which is totally annoying and unreliable and biased, says it’s good, and it is, it’s not enough and yes you have to start somewhere but we did and then we back-tracked and went backwards literally. I’m all for it, but I wish it were not faddish but truly the way of things and women would not seek to pull each other down as so often they do. xo

          1. It’s such a shame that women in the public eye are pilloried if they put a tiny foot wrong. They are criticised for failings that men can have by the bucket load and nobody calls them out for it.

          2. Yes. I have never understood it either. Which might be a good sign for us both! I suspect it’s bitterness, envy, resentment, etc, but the truth is, we’re never going to change anything unless we stop hating each other. I have never envied a woman for being more intelligent, more beautiful etc, I applaud them. Why does it have to go so dark?

      1. I hope you are right. Presently I am healing from so much I’m afraid I can’t do much outside myself. But I hope I can eventually come out again and do more in the ‘real world’….

        1. I understand that when you are healing from so much it seems insurmountable as if you will never be okay again. I can only say that in many instances when we feel that way, at the time it’s very true but given time we recover and go on to feel differently far more than we would expect. We surprise ourselves in our ability to heal I guess. By that, I’m not suggesting it’s a walk in the park or happens over-night and of course, like anything, there are good days, bad days and back-slides. But I have hope that any type of anquish and pain can be overcome. Maybe I’m wrong, but I believe this and I urge you to believe in your self my friend but if ever you cannot, know that others like myself believe in you.

          1. That’s why I love this blog because I have met such creative, supportive and loving people here. I may never meet them in person, but I carry their words to me in my heart. People like you inspire people like me! I am grateful our words and energy have connected. Blessings. πŸ’•πŸ’–

          2. I need all the hugs I can get, even virtual. And the light is the other side of darkness, a good place to see true souls…thanks for walking with me there. πŸ’•

          3. I shall always be there walking with you holding up the light reminding you that you are SO WORTH IT please know those are not just words they are emotions that exist and are powering you forward my friend

  2. This was one of those pieces that reminded me why you and I and OldePunk are all such big fan’s of each other’s writing. I can’t quite articulate the thought out right now, but your words excite me the way his does. They are intimate and epic at the same time.

    1. I hope you are feeling better I saw that you had a migraine yesterday and were cold, I hope you woke up feeling better. Thanks for saying that, I feel the same way, it’s hard because I got pretty burned by a few ‘friends’ on WP so I was leery initially about getting close to people again but you cannot live life like that and I appreciate you both and what you do – thank you so much for your support and please know you have mine in return xo

      1. I am absolutely confident in recommending Olde Punk as an amazing human being. He has been exciting and generous to write with, a rock to manage the day to day of SD with and a true friend. He is absolutely one of my most favorite human beings on WP . I guess you will just have to tale my word that I don’t suck! ☺ though some days I think that.

        1. I don’t think you suck because you’re too honest for that. Maybe we’ve both been at the receiving end of someone who was ‘honest’ and lying at the same time, and who said ‘trust me’ only to bash us over the head with that later on, such is life, but we cannot move on if we cannot trust our instincts to trust again. I feel through your writing your talent first and foremost as a writer, but also your heart and it is a good heart. That’s ultimately the core of a person and if you know that they have a good heart it’s a good bet they are in fact a good person. I understand though, sometimes I despise myself I totally get that, the other day I had to get a picture for my ‘book’ and I freaked out because I hate having my picture taken so I hear you my friend. I did think Olde P was a gem as I knew him on my old site for about a year I think and he was always a good and talented presence.

          1. Generally I am someone who trusts my instincts about people and generally, I am more likley to find that I judged someone too harshly and they grow on me but I have had the occaisional experience when people who start off normally enough get scary. I completely appreciate your caution. I do believe that Olde Punk would give me a thumbs up as a human being. I think sometimes the line between who I am as a person and as a writer is a thin one. As on Here I Stand, they are indistinguishable (I was the writing and the writing was me?) In any case, still very grateful that Olde Punk encouraged me to check out your writing and that you were willing to let me cross the social boundary. You are good people.

          2. That’s interesting, I would say I used to trust my instincts, but when you get it wrong frequently you wonder, and as for judging someone too harshly, I’d say I usually am guilty of letting someone off the hook too many times until things aren’t right and I’ve put up with too much but that has changed in the last ten years, I suppose I’m less tolerant of people acting badly, I think when you have any type of mental illness say, you may act badly but it does not have to be directed toward someone so whilst I have empathy for the former, I do not tolerate the latter because it’s a survival thing. I would say most people who are candid in their writing are indistinquishable but I must admit people continually surprise me so I don’t think I’m as insightful at understanding people as I once thought I was! xo

  3. Truly was a historic and empowering day…hope the spirit, energy and numbers continue on, and becomes a force to be reckoned with in American politics….Great poem as usual C. πŸ™‚

  4. I and any of your readers could fill a book to tell you how amazing this piece is but not even a book with different volumes can do justice. Candice, the best of the best. Thank you for being you and blessing this world with your gift

    1. wow thank you – I would not agree I see myself as VERY ordinary but it makes me very happy to know my work touches a chord somewhere in you as I can say the same about your work and it is very rewarding to know someone of your caliber likes me

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