Go with the swallows
in last leaving light
submerging beneath
ancient vowels aching to
disperse into stars
surely as we stare
into knowing skies
seeing reflections of ourselves
incantations of former lives
where our shouts are heard
by the starling and the night birds
roosting beneath our dreams
surely, as we reach
to learn the meaning of such things
urged by the wistful lingering
adrenalin beneath our felt
stirring such courage to bear
another day, another question
cruelty may linger her long face
set against the timer like a watchful
scold may taunt the slower chase
still she has but fleeting power
when in another day another place
we rise
thundering on our heels
toward the mouth
where our claims are heard
on the itch of truth
scattering us wide
we are invisible
until woken
when we stride
wide and fruitful
the clamor of our substance
revealing in each birth
another head to count
one more female willing
to set her flame on high
and stir
in quiet formation
the centrifuge of life
in the shape of us