the-birds-cage-avihai-cohenFar away
or near
a roar
is heard
and not
for after a while
what can you say?
it is the way of pain
to rage in quiet ire
with tongue numb of speech
most do not hear
most walk on
thinking of themselves
and the roar
tries to find
the sea
the bottle

0 Replies to “The bottle”

      1. There’s something really powerful about it. Hard to say what exactly, maybe the idea of an ocean compared to a bottle, and the ocean being in a position of inferiority.

  1. How many times have I “raged in quiet ire “? So very beautifully describes one of the aspects of my depression. The bottle is so beautiful since so much is bottled up inside….not let out….only hurting myself in the process. Thank you for sharing your gifts which allow us to meditate on what we have just received.

  2. One time I threw a bottle into the ocean. I put my self in it in words- hoping some one would find it and simply let me out. I often say- I feel as if I have so so much inside my self – and yet unable to release what ever it is I feel.The bottle is me- and yet today I can find an understanding within your writing.Communication is the key to my release- as simple and as clear as that. Thank you!

      1. Thank you for reply! YES! I would love to think someone read it in a far away land somewhere. I may never know- but to dream hurts no one! I honestly sense though it was read. and maybe helped another.Thank you for taking time……. Bobby. ( you helped me)

  3. the roar, the bottle, the sea – it has resonated with so many. I experience the reading of it as a roar of rage, pain within an open neck bottle seeking the healing salty water that is the sea to purge the dross

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