stardust_texture__by_galaxiesanddust-d5xtvebWipe the blade
lest it glimmer
send a signal
you from me
o-er white lighthouse
amassing rock devils
surging their molten tongues
slaking fury against granite
when I am without illumination
you come with your lantern
reflecting in glow the candor of your heart
it stirs within my distrust a place of calmness
and fear
for to trust is to release, to let go, to stand
naked before the soul
take the first step
don’t let me go
I want to believe, to lay down my arms
climb inside your entreaty
become one
first steps always with tremor
here is the way
why do we want to escape?
and so you fold me like a ship
set me on the calm waters of your faith in me
I do not know how to bask beneath unconditional things
nor what of myself to reveal
when we play marbles outside in the garden
the fine colors they hold, like glassy marvels
worlds we could visit
places far off in imaginations realm
you make me believe again
holding my hand, asking me to jump
take a step let go
falling through air
rapid and chill
we have no need of permanence
hear the sound of sea birds
lost in rushing mists
hear the letting go of pain
piece by piece by piece
you are the golden within my soul
lighting the way, showing me where to go
let me not lose the feel of your small hand
within my own calloused from fear
now we abandon who we were
rising with warm air
see the waves consume the old
see the release of joy breaking over shore
here you are my darling
your colors of mauve and honey
blinking wide-eyed anew
you gave me solace
you lent me hope
you are the brightest star
we devour, we consume
for stardust is where we began
starlight we become
watch at night my love
see me wink and soar
free, free, free
as day shall obscure
and night reveal
our wonderment