As a woman
You feel very apart
Striving for sisterhood
From other women
Comparing and similar
As if they
Are all sitting together
Heads down and touching
listening to a song
Whose lyrics
You cannot hear

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  1. Love this. i have always felt this in a group of guys because I am not a car guy or a sports stat guy. So often I am outside looking in wishing I could be in the loop.
    It is often lonely in my world.

  2. Perhaps you are on the right track feeling ‘excluded’. I certainly have a similar feeling. I’m growing more and more towards the idea that groups are, of their essence, wrong. We are individuals, unique, and to imagine that we automatically share something hugely important with others on the grounds of colour, gender, nationality, age, residence etc etc isn’t very helpful. We have to learn to be self-sufficient and to empathise with individuals not groups.

    1. Love your insight, Jane. As always 🙂 Your comment here really clicks with me as I just finished reading Anthem by Ayn Rand this week.

      1. I’m pig-ignorant really, Jilly. Don’t read nearly enough contemporary writing, but living cheek by jowl with very diverse ‘communities’ has made me realise that the only way to get on with people is as individuals, not as members of a group. You’re sunk if you start off with prejudices. One reason why I hate political correctness.

    2. I can see why others loved your reply. It goes without saying you’re an exception to most rules and I’d be in a group with you in a heartbeat but I agree, the individual is relegated and ought not to be

      1. I just find it so sad when people identify themselves with a group, which automatically means—so that explains why I think/behave the way I do. No notion of self, the self that floats in the néant, the only self you can count on, the self that makes you what you are.

        1. That’s why soon after meeting you, you distinguished yourself as a rare bird, a free thinker and unafraid to say. Helps that you’re maddeningly talented I am inspired by your realistic attitude and pragmatism but you’re a dreamer too. Agreement, groups water down the discern our socities wish us to relinquish

          1. I have to navigate so many different people who would claim allegiance to one set of beliefs or another, all I find sensible to do is treat them all the same. If someone finds that offensive, tough. Most don’t and I’m always astonished by how interesting people are if you just talk to them.

  3. That, is from the desires to fit in, with the rest of the “group”, but no matter how you adjust your angles, your sides, you just, don’t fit into that missing piece of the bigger picture, which means, that the “puzzle” you’re trying to fit your self into isn’t the right one, and you should just, start a brand new puzzle on your own!

  4. Yes, this is so often the way it is.
    In my weird synchronicity thing 🙂 –I was just thinking about this subject last night while binge watching the new Anne of Green Gables on Netflix (Anne with an E), with Anne trying and failing to fit in with the other girls.

  5. You find the most interesting images for your posts ! Where on earth do you dig them up?Do you have a secret stash or are they your creations ?

  6. Comparing and similar – that has so much accuracy and power. I appreciate the imagery of the heads down – it speaks of exclusion. I agree with Jane; the focus on our individuality is essential. Great write!

    1. Betty, that’s so true, you fit well with the free thinkers I appreciate that in people they are breeding it out more and more with inculcated means of social conformity

  7. Believe it or not. I feel this way as well.
    When I hang out with my girlfriends family. I feel detached.
    Their always getting close together and I want to be involved
    but they seem like they don’t want me involved.
    I feel lonely to be quite honest with you.
    I know I have you and everyone else that cares…but here in my neck of the woods, its a different story. So, believe me when I say I feel lonely, it’s because I want to talk to someone. Why do you think I text you all the time. I know your busy…but it will help to hear from you so I won’t feel like this. I get depressed a lot and I hold everything inside. I don’t tell my girlfriend because she’s got too much on her plate. I cry by myself and yea…just thought I share that and I feel you.

      1. Indeed, also, I’ve always felt out of place with guys. All they talk about is cars boring, money boring, degrading woman which is not good, and their stupid fashion of style that is not even original at all.
        Sometimes I get a long more with woman…but then I choose sometimes the middle. I feel more like an alien. Someday…whoever is up out in the universe could take me and you together to explore another planet and universe.

          1. I’m glad you did…I don’t know what I would do if you weren’t in my life. I’d go confused and feel really empty inside and lost.
            I love you sister…just know I’ll always be there for you. Aliens forever you and I. 🙂

  8. Strangely … We are all alone.. Even though we are sisters. and yet.. there are still some, I feel more closer too..
    In fact I have WP friends who feel closer than real family.. for often we speak the same language..
    <3 xxx

          1. Bless you for saying so Candice.. but we are mere reflections of each other.. xx Good night my friend, I am off to climb the wooden hill.. xxx <3

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