Before you left we made a covenant
a pact among children
and time like sand tends to smooth such ardor
few keep their word when blood is young
still you returned
holding your promise like a shield
enveloping my scars
here you said
stand beneath this shelter
I will hold it up against
all that rains down
for some are built of permanence
whilst others shake bags of truth as
confetti, spurious on wedding day
who knows the divorce of passion
better than those who drive their words
through water until absolved
you stayed like ink on my tongue
the taste of squid and salt
and in counting
I found
one suffices
to even out the hurt
turn it smooth against your hand
like mending tapestries reignite lineage
you gave me strength
when I faltered, when I caved in
you were the temple upon which I held tight
as sea swallowed us whole and bursting through
air dried us into stalagmites
hold on
you reminded me, reaching through time
I have always been beside you
it is the weight of truth
turning like gold spun from flax