I am so thirsty I could drink the sea
and make of leftover salt a tower of Babel
resting like a dove tail wand in white dunes
where any emotion is read immediately
as a blush on landscape otherwise mute
so when your cheeks turn red and you tilt
your head away from me hot faced
I want to fill the sky with released birds
gathering in blue to lift you back
do not stray long in your daydream
where, closed off in thought you could
be climbing mountains not really here at all
we motion and hymn
our circadian rhythms plaiting
time together and apart
once I knew you as my familiar
we daubed each other with mirrored pieces
with change came a drift
building beneath sand filled doorways
harder to open
you took flight and I
stared up into marbled sky
almost blind by solvent light
until you were a pin prick
of silver glinting against
my squint
like an ache within
will pierce and
with fearless