As you age invisibly within your glass
sometimes you forget that time, so long past
when desire welled in your heart and between your loins
like fast, sound breaking barrier
it seems like another person inhabited those limbs
another life captured the longing
to pull them close and within, before flame grew dim
sometimes it is good to be mindful, remember then
the girl you were, bracing for rejection
spending your longing on the long gamble
sometimes, you’d catch a ride on the upside
in that golden arc of wheel, when fortune seemed
impossible to smother
lovers would become eternal
a kiss would reveal the language behind your skin
all the cries you stored inside, chiming for their flight
stroked like an instrument, you gained wings
fingers playing you deep, as river bed will
sift and edy before
releasing her secrets
sometimes, as you turn your fingers in imagination
against the cast of shadow, splayed on plaster
and build within your mind, the press and assault of love
coursing in your veins, as you lie beneath the world
sometimes, as you conjur that first unspoken swallow
of all salinated emotion and the convulsion to follow
inhabiting one another, like thirsty fish struck from sea
will gather close and preserve their need
sometimes, when I think of your fingers stroking my ink
the weight of you, capturing all I am capable of bringing
our motion resonating against mirrors of time
and in the gathering dusk, a mutual cry
folding over sleep, like pressing lips will open
just enough for feeling
then, as I recall the need for you
it is an empty and lovely feeling, of past and new
to walk through time, held aside in wash
O for love and her nourishment
just once, again, your touch, where I have grown parched
asuage the feeling, no-one has climbed inside me, to make their homage
an electricity of joining, cast far into dark waters, dark hearts
Iluminary, please light the way once more
that I can lie salt-blessed, on reversing shore
feeling your claim again, as a flung open door
with warp of sea breeze, denying closure evermore