Do not become bitter
When friend you thought is none
When calamity strikes her skin drum
And those you relied upon do not come
The world
Is a magical place of nonsense
What you know is often undone
By the whim of mercury and emotion
Little stays as you may have assumed
But in the hour of your isolation
Witness miracles
From the trees they unfurl
Familiar in compassion
A true heart rarely demonstrative
A kindness never published
Those with mercy on their tongue
Seek no recompense
Silently they stand at your side
Holding you when others did not show
Too busy in flamboyance
For the meak shall inherit trust
It is they who need make no false promise
Sincerity is not shouted from rooftop
Actions are louder than fancy words
Seek not the grandiose, who say they love
Take instead the slowness of certainty
You know when you fall 
By the tenderness of unexpected visitor
By gentle compassion and
The companion who you never knew you could
Rely upon 
Such is the mystery of things born in hard times
And the redemption of hope
Blocking out disappointment with her
Soft and steady radiance

This poem is for those who selflessly were there in a supportive letter or word during the hardest part of my life. Please know it was you who got me through and my gratitude cannot be expressed enough but to say your kindness was everything to me. Thank you so very much. I have learned that true goodness comes often from the least expected corners just as those who pretend to care are often just hot air.