Dr. Sneha Rooh is a palliative physician and founder of Orikalankini an organisation that is changing narratives around Menstruation and sexuality in India through art theatre and dialogue. She loves to travel and write.

What does it mean to be a part of smitten?

To me writing for this anthology means contributing to a well people can derive something from, hopefully like medicine and use it. It means building representation to the various ways women can love women .To give hope and companionship to women when they need it.
Woman Motivational Quote Facebook Post(34).pngWhat particular struggles have you faced as a woman who loves woman in a country that’t not free like America
Growing up in an Indian family, we never met people who were not heterosexuals and non heterosexuals we knew about were gay men which i clearly wasn’t so it felt I was missing some piece, some lesson about life i didn’t understand. I had boyfriends yet something wasn’t feeling complete. So this period was challenging. I think for me the main complexity is getting my parents to understand what it means to be a bisexual woman and the fact that they are in denial and that i have to come out again and again around them.
How do projects like these dispel myths?
Women who love women are assigned particular set of characteristics and love between women is thought of in a particular line of thought often hyper-sexualized. Projects like these that hear from women themselves about their experience helps people connect with us as people whose love life is in context of their entire life and helps understand that love between women is as complex, as mundane, takes as much time, effort and work to bloom if not more.
How does poetry and being bi come together?
Being bi meant experiencing feelings that i took time to decipher . Different genders made me feel differently and it was often poetry that helped me articulate all experiences by themselves and see them placed next to each other. Poetry and bisexuality are both nebulous yet clear and that’s what they have in common.Woman Motivational Quote Facebook Post(35).png

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