May rifle through your life
Like pick pockets
Climb inside your privacy
Invade your quiet
They may leave traces
In your life line
Becoming family
Or staying just a season
You will wish many times
Not to answer their call
Tend to their needs
Spend your time building vines
From their vineyard to yours
But solitude
Is a hard
Only the most robust survive
Sometimes when you think
You’re better off
Drifting off the main land
You’re over estimating
Your ancestors only got this far
Because of family
Strangers become friends
To give you the privilege to choose
How much of a social animal
Want to be
But never forget
Yours is not the soul
Of a white snow leopard
Stalking endless silence
Cut off from her kind
Your kind were monkeys
Chattering noisily in trees
Yes it makes you blush
Wishing you were less a creature of gossip and small talk
But without snow boots you cannot
Hope to wade the drifts
They will consume the bravest heart of almost anyone
As searching in nothing but ourselves
We find less than expected

0 Replies to “People ”

  1. A fury and outstanding truth of poetry sis.
    One of my favorites of yours. Your words open up the reality of things that we feel uncomfortable but that’s what readers need to know and understand.

  2. You tapped right into the pulse of why we need to connect, regardless of what we tell ourselves. However much we resist, we are pack animals. 😉 Beautifully done. xx

    1. There she is! Whenever I see your symbol I immediately smile. Yes you have that effect on me and it’s a good thing. I hope you are okay, if you needed to hear this I hope that means you know you have it in the friends and people who care about you.

  3. This is very thought provoking… I love the snow leopard analogy and my how wish I was a snow leopard and not a trousered ape, but you are dead right, non withstanding my misanthropy

  4. Powerful words that seep into the soul, like a lace sheet across the skin your poetry lays upon our minds. Thinking and feeling deep emotions that we think no one understands but you Poetry’s muse always knows how to display feelings and connect with your readers.
    I like this piece but I still like you more my friend well done

      1. You are most welcome and I do know how much you believe in me and for that I thank you. Whoever said beauty is only skin deep didn’t meet you beautiful soul

        1. I do believe in you but I wish you knew that too and believed in yourself more and thought you were good enough as at times I know you don’t but I’m guilty too so we exist to empower each other

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