When we met
you treated me as if
all the world did no longer matter
so long as I
was within your sphere of sight
you said
sunlight was always
warm on the top of my head
turning me golden in your regard
as echoes of reflections
cast like arrows from dark windows
reaching up, tall glass shining down on us
I knew
a person on a pedestal
has only one fall
a fracture deep in marrow
hurting more than broken bones
when you finally
stop seeing my light
I will love you more
when you finally toss me aside
it will hurt me greater
such is the game of chess
of uneven love
a synonym of unevenness
two people who thought
hurt and pain could never
be part of their bond
becoming the greater sound
like blood in my ears rushing
filling up my cries
into pillows not stuffed enough
to stay dry
(art by Lorenzo Mattotti)