The owl
left gouges to your scalp
without a mouth
you spoke
do not go my way child
learn from error the better path
where? where granny?
behind you
where? where granny?
in front of you
where? where granny?
beside you
where? where granny?
she stood in formation an army of past
familiar eyes different words
don’t go my way, forge your own
inherit nothing of madness left to roam
your genes like spirits grown too wild
avoid the drink it gives you ghosts
spare the rod, saturate desire
lust for obliteration and self immolation
my reality makes shoes disappear under beds
the ache of springs unused to their test
it is our code to set fire to the best of ourselves
stay your hand as it passes
the naked flame
see into my cinders
another method for staying sane
when you itch … when you wish
to fling yourself into oblivion
think of me
cold and dead
this is not your future yet
you have pockets heavy with planting
get to it, press deeper the iron into soil
until you pull out the old roots taking space
make room for new
it is the labor of the faithful
tiring and requiring patience
do not forget to reach in deep
for just when you think you’ve got the last
one shall remain