ab332e761de8e5a56511dfaa85aa5c8aDisease of heart grows rancorous sore
What we hold closest we teach them to fear
When good people do not stir we hear plaintive call
Moving not to change their fates in acted chore
Disturbing freedom of those we keep too near
Standing still without moving, perhaps worst sore
Entreating fate to stir our oracle toward peace
given to all beginning their walk beneath light
Else we bequeath only lamenting ashes of war
Radiantly our faith shall support our walk
creating hopeful worlds within own might
Whom among us can we know to be sure?
gathering what we learn within our reach
fleeing old echoes we go into raptured night
If we leave it open slightly we protect the door
Those who have come far-reaching distant shore
The gravity of will, the impossibility of might
Whom among us can with certain heart be sure?
another shall perhaps close, offering new door