Unseen birds with small beaks

Break silence in pre~storm gabble

Their compatriots crowd ominous skies

With fleeing wing catching diminished sunlight in their rapidity

An air of urgency juxtaposes the quiet beforehand

As if nature duals with the disobedient will of man

Our science and their instinct

A leak of lightning, the rolling, forecasting drum of thunder

She whispered into the concave whorl of my ear

You are healing, you are becoming well

Shedding fear, memories, pain

Climbing out of your hot hostage skin

You are becoming whole again

The power is within you

I hear her crisp, certain, enunciation

Like a memory, she is a jigsaw of past and present

I have known her before and now

Recognizing in the certain vowels and constanants

A shared lineage

Her shining eyes and the spirit hand

Reaching inside of me, like feeling taking material form

I tell her, I wish we’d met years ago, when we were kids

And played away regret in the arms of elms and aspen

Lifting us from our lots, the catapult of companionship

Where in freedom we roamed wild abandon

The liberate, unshackled from conformities pinch

Two strange children with hearts of gold

I hear her step closer and her words infuse me

With something of hope

As if she were dressed in the moonlight

Claiming those corners of dark where pain likes to kneel in wait

With her radiating determining shine