4-Phoenix-Tattoo-for-womanShe’s got a 22 inch waist
An 35 mm neck warm to the touch
the stage is 12 x 12 and doll houses
never have enough rooms
a pinch is less than a millimeter
you are four inches shorter than you were
standing on your toes shaving shame
anorexics cannot compare themselves
pounds to kilo like bags of soft fruit afraid to rot
the human body used to provide basis for units of length
in Europe I was measured with altered tape
from metric to imperial and back again
pound, ounce, yard, foot, gallon, pint, inch
the mile ached over the acre and what
of the hector?
without metric equivalent, the renegades
convicted of offenses under Weights & Measures law
Metric Martyrs for a new century
disputed from afar (how far?)
here my feet are two sizes bigger
no bras for narrow backs exist in
the American Mid-West
in Malaysia my hair is blonde
in Japan they bleach out freckles
in Denmark I’m a short brunette
at night you look like a hallelujah
surrounded in magnolias
your beautiful cider heat
testifies truth
years are not weightless
sorrow heaviest
joy profits as clouds open
your own measurement