A fever
came like a dream
stealing what was thought to be real
for a time inhabiting that uneasy place
between what we know and what we are unsure of
swapping masks
changing faces
like wolves chewing through
fabric of the known and the illusion
we usually pay heed to
until a strong wind
blows us from familiar
back to our cradles
we began here and will close once more
like a book of our life
were it known
could start and finish
with the same
set of words
returning like childhood
we chase our tails
around the may pole
catching dappled sunlight
on our shoulders

0 Replies to “May pole”

      1. We can’t experience happiness, without also knowing sadness…it seems to be an inescapable truth. And I love you just the way you are! ღ

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate you saying so! I do always force myself to be honest, I have been told I stick to maudlin subjects but I make no apology, we all are who we are. 🙂 Your comment helps !

  1. I read this as you describing the terrible fate of the Indians and the smallpox epidemic laid upon them by the white man. ashes to ashes, dust to dust. but I could be way off base. It could just as easily be something entirely different, and I appear like a complete idot, lol

    1. Dear Rob, you are by NO means an idiot and that is exactly the first layer of metaphor, the second being the wider picture. So next time you doubt yourself remember you are an insightful and deep soul with much to give! Rumination being the greatest form of thinking in many ways! Thank you so much for your analysis which was right on the mark AND your kind reading of my work which is much appreciated. xo

        1. Right? Something almost scientific about it being ten (not sure why) and the person you were then, is basically the person you are now. And more so as you age. I think that is true. I am glad to say whilst I was a lonely ten year old I was a good hearted one.

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