You said

you can’t love me

I’m an underachiever

I said

you can only be an underachiever if you have the capacity to achieve

that means you do, that means you could and if you choose not to

that may mean you have principles in this unprincipled world

you said

you can’t love me

I’m fat

I said

when did the first person in the world say to another person?

that loving someone was contingent upon weight? When did it become

that facile?

and if you are fat then the Pope’s not Catholic, so come on, a stomach roll

or two is a sign you enjoy food


a valid reason to be harpooned

you said

you can’t love me

I’m nobody

and I wanted to cry but I’d run out of tears

worrying I’d never hear from you again

so instead I picked up the bucket I collected them in

dropped a silver coin and made a wish

I can’t say what that wish was, or it may not come true

but I’ll give you a clue

the only thing you are is



you’re everything

to me

0 Replies to “Made a wish”

  1. There it is:

    “but I’ll give you a clue

    the only thing you are is



    you’re everything

    to me”

    The above is poignant and ends the poem perfectly.

  2. And I say, “I can’t help but love you.” Amazing, Warrioress. As you always do, so have you done here, you always have me hanging on every word. ❤

  3. That’s a really killer ending. I like the conversational tone and the slight sparkle in the eye that it implies.

  4. Candice, this is all too common. The pain and anguish of unreturned love. Not being good enough to another is a very hard place to be. The hardest question to answer is when we ask ourselves, should I move on even though my love is deep for the other person? Keith

  5. This hurts.
    Everything in it hurts. But especially the part about being fat.
    And it fits in perfectly with my poem for the day 😉

    However, I’m wondering: no matter how deep your love for someone, should it take precedence over the love you owe to yourself?
    I decided to answer no. Some men I’ve loved, and I think they loved me too. But… their love was hurting me. I still love them, but from afar. Until they are able to love the whole ME, respect me, then all I can give them is love from afar. No judgement. Just acceptance. And knowing I need to love myself first.

    Great poem!

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