3Tish-SnookyHe made up his mind quick as
crumpling a wet tissue with his release dripping
damn you can wipe and wipe
the stain remains
garish on her clean dark sheets
he puts his weight on the damp spot
later she will lift her eyes upwards, maybe a wry smile too
if he’s made her see stars
which depends on the drugs they consume
much as he denies it
sober sex doesn’t move him
to eat pussy for an hour
his body reminds him he is getting old
the crook in his neck
oral isn’t kind on ageing cartilage
but she’s more obliging
purrs like a cat in his deaf left ear enough that he can
almost hear
like a shell echoing the sound of the sea
her gasps make him shoot his wad into the sheets
and then they’re wet again and he’s lying on the damp spot
uncomfortable and trying to deflect
when it’s obvious
morning light reveals the day after
his crags and sagging scrotum
her torn panties and jiggly thighs
the white smears on aubergine sheets
like lines on a chalk board run through with finger tips
revolting in regret how soon we cool and shed
the urge for momentary perversion
a turn of passion clips away reality
sealing it briefly in scrapbook
the time when all people become blind fondlers
begging for favors like love struck teens
losing their composure
in the face of lust