(Source: Lost though glimpsed)

If I had the power
I might do no more than this
sitting watching dust captured by light
as drowsy it drifts
or I may
do far more
dependant upon the hour of birth
runic stones thrown
alignment of planets
decisions ours and not our own
would it make sense to you?
that I found your burning sage madness truth?
only pausing when I could not follow the maze
for my pocked arms were ablaze
holding no feathers
if I had the power
I would ask you subsume the hour last
you felt a need to reveal and trust
and becoming green-tipped bird
I’d fly you into the mouth of your past
and becoming shivering fire bird
I’d conquer the elements of volition
causing you to shrug me off
as unwanted skin without use
I am slower than your torturer and you
If I had the power
though I have no way of encouraging magic
not even a fistful of lightning to raise our sum
stamping like forsaken giants roar
declaring; no you shall not
claim us
I am
too old by days and hours
by too many stared-at empty houses
with boarded windows rubbed dark
nobody is home to light the way
for either of us
don’t you see that’s why I always strained to hear?
my ear to the flat of your prison and mine
flaying xylophone chords with missing fingers
If you’d sat next to me when no-one looked we’d have merged into one
taken out of ourselves and the backward clock
a poison for some, is a cure for us
If I had the fusion
to dwell in your rage directed my way
I’d walk through maelstrom seeking reverse of fate
where, by watchful limb
we sit shoeless
wringing our bruised legs over yawning edge
one, two, three
let go of holding hands
If I had the power not to be me
and you had the power not to be you
both of us damaged and saved at differing points in history
overlapping star travelers
burning up the universe to reach through
this hijacked soul
lost though glimpsed
in warm breath on
cold step