165549735_cd2d7777b5The future will not decide, I decide
if I find myself alone in possession of these feelings
at an age when the cliffs stand a little deeper in the water
the sea will recede and return the next day
less me
for it is my belief
we can make choices
based upon empty doorways
standing between the weft of things
knowing, our time
though it goes blurred into fathomless future
need not defy sense
and us born with less
we don’t want trinkets and rooms of wrinkled souls
talking about the caucus of the world
we want to live and burn
in that bright solitary
and when those we love
are no more
our place is not to wait for natural means
but take to surging waves
walk through a mirror of water
regaining in emptying out
those painful places we hold
dear and near to us
all these years we inhabit life
like a nervous electricity
will wait to strike
just once
and leave the deed
blackening the tree
long it stands marked
for future generations to remark
I wonder how
I wonder what
caused this burn
she lays her hands against her pulse
such a little flicker of life
and then
one blow
one determining
and it is snuffed out
to join the star dust of our might
you think me cowardly or without insight?
I hear nothing now
but the swell and call of shells
hypnotized by the whorl
of their ever decreasing
returning to