A prayer was said
Shoulders touched
We bowed our heads
Even me, the last disbeliever
And as I bowed, I felt my crown 
Glisten as if, someone was baptized
A transfused light whispered
Lay down your damage
Separately unlock
Disease from health
Fear and habit
For we learn our lines
A little too well
In smoky glasses and from the bell
Tolling like a dry tongue overland
Where sound knocks on peace
Disturbing those who thought themselves free
A claim check, wet in your pocket
Salt stains on your cheeks
We cannot weep for who we were
Before the curtain came slowly to wooden floor
Only reach high to see
If in straining such weight releases
The trapped fur beneath us
Darting eyes the pretty prey
who can say
Yet we heave
Overboard those useless parts
Remade in full moon aching over Baskerville cloud
Not yet, not yet
But one day soon
Softly they capture
The soul set loose
She is the nimble girl who curled inside you, pounds for release
And panic is a thing with teeth
Set loose too soon
Let it pass in its frenzied rush
A drug addict to the hideous pulse of malformed balance
Turn away, instead, listen to the sway of pampas grass
And somewhere you are urging
Further than you dare trespass
For it takes in perpetual night
The eyes of a bird to spy
A way out without leaving
Blood in metal trap
Push fear back
She has overgrown her stay
Unhinge the cage
Be no more afraid
Of movement in darkness
Everything is possible when
You cease to hold the chain