there are rules
I’ve been told I can’t write about emotions
that refer to others pain or lives
in any way
how dare you take a person’s life and convey it
as a cheap writer of someone’s suffering
what a monster! What do you know?

I had better not post stupid photos or true thought
it’s trite & cruel like the worst of humanity
(or so they said … foaming at the mouth with vengeance in their throat )
saying certain things are off the table
without realizing
they weren’t about you / but this one is
sometimes I write about something that never happened
or occurred only in my mind
or felt like it did almost, not quite
or did but to someone else where-upon
I shine a light to diminish neglect
rarely is this clear, when it is
spelt out
that’s my right to speak without muzzle
it isn’t fabricated with thorns but
allegory & beseeching for a better world of kindness
instead of the easy hand of hate & scorn
but I’m tired
I’m really tired
of backlash against thought
of being told I’m shallow, unoriginal, borrowed or naive
that rules are preferable & if you quote
make sure it’s the Greeks or high fellow in poetic device
otherwise you’re just a stupid girl thinking you have a right
to inhabit quill
I’m not made of your thick hide or
snow-proof snarl
I don’t like fights, madness, melodrama
or people who thrive on cutting
into ribbons of beef jerky
I am not a bitch who gives as good as she gets
let others inherit that mantel
if indeed such a crown exists
I’d rather just close my mouth
say less
until words seem largely
bullies have a way of
closing down the best of us
you almost
succeed in
then from nothing comes something
fizzing in dark
starting over
a thought is bid
if you are a writer … even a terrible one
(borrow a word use one of yours thrown at me in scorn, which one? Inferior, awful, shallow, pretender, what else would you like to call?)
you can’t ever stop because someone hates you
you think you’re original in your loathing? All the world hates someone
therein LIES THE RUB
you have to write through fear
we would do nothing if every disapprobation stayed our desire to realize
when you run from every sleight of hand or slap you may as well stand back watching life diminish in your palm
a real strong soul will never be rewarded by universal confirmation
ugliness of former friends turning to enemy is more our modern trend
(they do it so well, those closeted thieves of light)
condemnation cusped about envy
gargoyles of indifference & spite
the sport some merrily make of others
they hunt with willing malice
(learning; you hurt, so I shall hurt you, to see which part flinched and quivers beneath my knife)
for no reason other than they are inquirers of vivisection
(when you know a person you know their weaknesses, it’s an easy back door to reach for sharpened blade)
please stay away
lose my number
do not read
pick another mark
shoot your arrows at
a mirror or reflection
that’s the guilty party
who turns full circle from victim to abuser
as paedophiles will claim
I didn’t mean to harm it was taught me
but choice we have
hurting those you can when smarting from pain
isolates you
in the ugliness of
just like them
(this is for because this brave and courageous woman has been tormented by haters and it sickens me so much so I write this for her and out of my own experience of having had two haters in the last few years (fortunately they are a bad memory now) and the cry for this to stop being acceptable in our society alongside bullying and any shallow form of undermining truth and honesty)

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  1. OMG!!!!!!!! I am in tears! thank you thank you thank you thank you!!! when i was sitting down brainstorming my release I would dream and hope for people like you to find me… I feel like i’m ready to announce my blog to my personal world.. thank you again i cant thank you enough! you have made my entire month with this perfect piece!!!! you get it πŸ™‚

    1. I support you in your fierce journey of truth 100% you are not alone, we got to stick together and raise each other towards the light and leave the negative behindβ™‘ you’ll see, it will be so worth it. This is meant to be.

        1. It made me white-hot mad when I heard she experienced haters for her courage and truth, that made my blood boil. NOBODY should be vilified or condemned for their honesty. I admire it! People like that, urgh.

  2. This was honestly so relatable as someone who also writes. I had this post called “she” where I talked of the abuse my friend constantly had to​ suffer and was criticized by saying that I only showed the painful part of it, or like how I could justify her pain into a piece of my writing, when at the root of it my objective had always been to not make it a taboo subject and rather seek help from anyone else who went through that. Anyways, this was lovely!

    1. Dear Shrushti, thank you! Poetically it’s nothing special but that’s because it was a true heartfelt message to haters to stop hurting others. I’m glad you related to this, but also sad you had the same experience. Your friend is wrong, you are not justifying or objectifying her pain, you are writing about something that matters, I truly believe people only say things like that because they are haters and will be eaten alive by that hate. I’m glad you are someone who stands up for taboo subjects and shines a light on them I do the same thing. Well done! Never stop !

  3. Haters should be left to drown / wallow in their own bile. Writers should act on the prompt of inspiration from wherever it derives. If it a heartfelt genuine response to an emotional or physical event there is nothing wrong by with that, particularly if helps to understand, or empathically shares the burden of the pain. Above all, writing should come from experience and so is directly related to what we feel, whether in response to our own pain, or that of others. So ignore the haters. Your writing is unique, powerful, concise, emotive and resonant. Don’t be discouraged and keep it up!

  4. I have to say, I can definitely relate to the scorn and disdain. Oddly, I receive a lot of praise but mostly I just hear the cruel voices calling out from the darkness. That doesn’t mean that the cruel voices aren’t real, they are, but the vast majority of people I come in contact with are supportive and kind β€”Β or silent if they hate it β€” and I should be grateful. I am grateful. I write regardless the fear β€” and there is fear. There is always fear. Every damned second of every damned day there is fear someone will dick behind the writing and decipher the truth of me and spread it around the world to humiliate me. I still keep writing. I still keep painting. I still keep on. I refuse to let the scorn of others stop me from being myself and expressing something a little different.

  5. I like when you come out fighting….had to smile as I read this …:) . That’s one of your best sides to you that I love.
    I like this line the best , “a real strong soul will never be rewarded by universal confirmation”
    I think that notion is THEE hardest for people to have strength in…. standing on their own two feet. With no one lifting them up even if they begin to crawl … they crawl on their on own under their own volition.. there is power in knowing you can do that … friends are fine, support is fine, pride is fine…. but knowing you have what it takes to find that contentment and surety within in yourself in life without validation from others…that does take a certain strength of character and of spirit…
    Thanks for a good read..
    Later Cannobball πŸ™‚

    1. There he is. I missed you. Thank you. Just for being THAT brilliant that I can’t stop saying it. Oh and for your sarcasm, humor, compassion and intelligence. The big brother I never had. You are so right, everything you say here. I totally agree and need to be mindful of it more often. As it is true, we should not depend upon validation but we should also protect the innocent from hurt. xo

  6. When we write to please others, as writers we are lost. There are always those who judge, feel the need to criticize openly and harshly. Spewing hatred makes me sick, and especially those misguided souls who read themselves into other’s poetry, or imagine the writer is the protagonist (that is irrelevant). Those people don’t need to be on a forum such as this one. This is a place to express our feelings, they are free to express theirs but not on our time…at their own blog. Carry on Feathers, you are an outstanding and gifted writer. The haters will always be the haters.

    1. I am so baffled about haters on WordPress. We literally put our hearts, souls and blood on the screen. I realize that not everyone is going to like my style or understand my truth but there are thousands of other blogs to read if mine doesn’t speak to you. Just walk away!

      1. It seems some bloggers are here for the sole purpose of judging, vilifying, and “educating” those whose ideas don’t “gel” with theirs. WTF is with that about? 😊

        1. So much of what I love here is connecting with other writers who do gel with me– the only time I have ever said anything that wasn’t complimentary was in response to some very disturbing comments on a post about child sexual abuse. It is so easy to find people who don’t share my worldview– why go out of my way to look for them here?!

          1. It’s their mission in life. I was once so harassed that I considered shutting down here at WP. My advice is block the suckers. Life is too short.

          2. Totally agree. I’m really sorry you were harassed I had no idea. That’s awful. I think it happens a lot less on WP than other sites, but … enough to be so wrong. Life IS too short. Well said!

        2. OMG you think that as well? Me too! I got the ‘educating’ thing so much then the vilifying thing less so and from two people who claimed ‘friendship’ I do believe people generally do this out of unhappiness and self-loathing. But yeah, WTF?

      2. Exactly! You know my story, most of the time, 99 percent of the time the people on WP especially are lovely, the two who were not, they had problems, I can see it now for what it was, but I have seen some real haters (not directed toward myself but others who vulnerably share their truths) I find myself standing up for them because I can’t stand it when I see that happen. It is just hideous and cowardly.

      1. Fierce women find each other on WordPress. You came to the right blog my dear Dom– you have impressed and resonated for a lot of women and men. Your bravery and boldness and truth shines through. Candice is a force of nature and literally one of my favorite people– and biggest writing crushes– on WordPress.

        1. So well said. You are so right Christine! Fierce women DO find each other. Dom we have a lot of great fierce and honest women here. You are not alone there is a sisterhood of us.

  7. Oh darling sister! I love when you let it fly like it is. There’s no pleasing many people; so we just march to own drum and dance to words that set our souls on fire. And we do it our way.
    You know my parting gift for judgmental, self-absorbed and self-righteous finger pointers, so I’ll leave that out.
    I love you 😘

    1. I love you too. The real mountain-climbing kind that never tires of following your light. I totally agree as you know, you show me this all the time and it inspires me to keep fighting onward and putting bad things behind me, most of all those who would judge others. HUGS

    1. My friend I am so glad in a way it spoke to you I hope you do not experience this, but if you do, you are no longer alone. If we call out bad behavior then it cannot control or harm us as much. Hugs xo

  8. Feel welcome to write about my depression anytime you would like. When you’ve been to the bottom it is damn near impossible for someone to hurt you. In this case, me. I have been there and I think your talent is unique, beautifull and challenging. Don’t stop being you. You are loved.

    1. Rick you make a really good point, you would not be offended if I did you would understand it was a bigger picture not a personal inditement. I think sometimes it’s how someone chooses to see something if they believe everyone is out to get them, they lash out, if they realized some are not doing anything to them, they may not need to attack them. When you have been to the bottom it is still possible to be hurt, believe me I have been there, I still get hurt, but yeah, not nearly in the same way that’s the one benefit of experience isn’t it? I think you having been there is why you have awesome empathy and a good heart. Thank you my friend. So much.

  9. This reminded m so strongly of the poetry of Maya Angelou. “Still, I Rise.” We will all be hated for something in our lives – our intellect, the color of our skin, our level of education, our political views. We writers are so vulnerable to the hateful opinions of others, as though we are the tallest object in a field during a lightning storm. Perhaps it is because we reflect the truth that is inside of others, and they resent it, because of their own self-hatred.
    I am sad for those who hate, and who lash out against others in their hatred. If only they could know the reward that comes from the power of forgiveness! If only they could know the peace that they could experience when they choose love and understanding over vengefulness and unkindness. I, for one, will not stop praying for and loving my enemies, for only light can drive out darkness, and there is no greater armor than love.

    1. PERFECT quote! I love your replies btw they are always filled with WIN. You are so right (Maya is so right) (Maya seemed to know it all during her life time she saw things so clearly) and you are so right about as writers being vulnerable to the opinions and thoughts of others, I find that the HARDEST part, because we put our necks on the chop. I agree, self-hatred is often why, other reasons I cannot fathom, but some people get off on hurting others. I am sad for them too but mostly I want to change it so hate is not tolerated and it is called out everytime we see it. I imagine a world where people don’t want to hate, wouldn’t that be incredible? I don’t know if it can exist but I would really love that. You are right, we do need to pray for our enemies. I’m not ‘there’ yet but I aim to be … you are awesome my friend. Thank you.

  10. I had to read what had inspired you to write this today. I found your post and her blog powerful and compelling. Thank you for your post and for introducing me to her blog.

  11. Its not often I click so many Likes on so many comments on One post dearest Candice. But each comment echoed my thoughts and I could not say it any better than any who have already spoken my friend..
    Never stop being you, Never stop writing Your truth.. and NEVER change who you are..
    For we LOVE you.. πŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’•

    1. Thank you my lovely girl – my friend and my inspiration in things good and spiritual. You have the same influence for so many of us here in WP – thank you for existing and being here and for reading me. I really do believe in defending one another from cruelty so it is wiped out.

      1. One day my friend.. We are but the fringe workers chipping away.. One day that domino effect will ripple as the rest of the world falls in line.. Until then we defend the weaker by staying strong ourselves. LOVE and warm hugs for that beautiful response Candice.. <3

  12. As a sixteen year old girl and a relatively new blogger this is what I have to say: Amazingestestest.
    Really, people should understand that we write not to hurt or to maim but to tell the truth and to tell those who are hurting that they’re not alone. That someone sees and appreciates the struggle they’re going through.
    It was amazing and relatable

    1. I’m so happy to hear from you – thank you for writing and giving your perspective at your age, that’s so important, everyone needs to know this can and does happen to all ages, in all walks of life, and if we ignore it, it doesn’t go away. Really means a lot that you are standing up and wanting truth, you make the world a better place with your empathy and compassion. Total respect xo

  13. I think it’s sad and pathetic that some people feel a need to belittle others to make themselves feel validated. You already know how much I admire you and your writing, honesty, and compassion. Keep writing and never let the small hateful minds out there stifle your prolific, beautiful, talented, meaningful voice! Much love always my friend <3

    1. YES! I agree. That is exactly what some do, and I don’t get it. We are all equal, none of us are better than anyone else, we’re only worse if we DO act this way! It actually hurts when I see people try to tear someone down, I would do anything to stop that. Much love to you – I wrote you a while back and I know you were busy but just know I’m thinking of you xo

    1. Agreed. I’m glad and relieved but it can happen to anyone at any time, that’s why we need to call it out, and clear the way for the end of those things, they only thrive if they are permitted to by the masses. xo thank you!

  14. Delete, delete, delete, delete naysayers and negative comments! Unfollow, unfollow, unfollow, unfollow ANYONE who offends you! Move on, move on, move on, move on! And do not do battle with morons, bullies, haters, and/or mean spirited people who thrive on their own venom!!! Feed not these vile monsters! You have as much right to express yourself as anyone else as long as you do not join in with those who berate and harm others. This is your life, and these are your stories and if someone doesn’t like them or approve off the telling of them, remember there is no one is forcing them to read them and/or agree with them. So, fuck ’em! fuck ’em! fuck ’em! And yes, I will have to seek God’s forgiveness for that last line. Je t’aime, Natalie πŸ™‚ <3

    1. Dearest Natalie, you do know I love your replies don’t you? Because you SHOOT FROM THE HIP in a way I don’t think anyone can surpass. It is definitely your fiesty character I admire, have done since we first met and always will. You are so right everything you say here. Bottom line, to anyone, this is your life. And yes karma big time will come back to those who are cruel needlessly. I feel defending others as I would wish to be defended is the only consolation and worth to be had out of a situation like this and I endeavor where possible to do this all the time.

      1. Bravo and you go girl! But once you have courageously defended someone, don’t hold onto the angst and sorrow for it is poisonous stuff and very harmful. We fight the good fight and then let it all go and give it to God. It’s like holding on to a hot potato. It will burn and hurt only you! I know you eat healthy food and you must feed to same to your spirit and soul. Love and hugs, my sweet lovely friend, Natalie πŸ™‚ <3

  15. Thank you for this post. Your raw honesty we will surely bring comfort to those in similar circumstances. I recently posted a blog on my site that was about an abusive relationship I was in years ago. Someone actually told me they thought “he” was charming. WTF? I deleted the comment. It sickened me. People are often ignorant. Thank you again for sharing.

    1. Dear Whimsy I so appreciate you saying so. I hope so. Things must change. All we can do as individuals to shine a light on this, we should do, hence why I admire your inspiring blog. Abusive relationships are common place but hidden from public nobody knows how many suffer, I admire you because you talked about it, that takes guts and it DOES help other people. So thank you too my new friend.

  16. This is so spot on in today’s world. I loved all of it but I wanted to retain one warning that I would tweet your work with and it is “bullies have a way of
    closing down the best of us”
    That sentence really got to me as it is so very true and so many young people need to hear that and understand that whether it is about writing or expressing oneself in other modes of expression, one should never let the bullies win. Thank you for sharing this brilliant piece of your mind.

  17. While reading this, I had my eyebrow stuck to the ceiling for it’s rare to spot writings that come right out from the heart. It was punch-packed poem and God, I love with what power was this delivered.
    It’s way too rare to find tributes as well-versed and hearty as ‘Just Like Them’.

  18. While reading this, I had my eyebrow stuck to the ceiling for it’s rare to spot writings that come right out from the heart. It was a punch-packed poem and God, I love with what power was this delivered.
    It’s way too rare to find tributes as well-versed and hearty as ‘Just Like Them’. Way to go.

  19. Brava, dear friend, for speaking up and speaking out! There seems to be so many willing to drown another’s voice, yet, I will never understand why. Perhaps it is just pure jealousy for their own short comings. Or not. I for one, stand behind you in this effort!! ❀

          1. I knew you would know that! What a name! He was so good at the names evoking the person wasn’t he? I really loved his work (Fantastic Mr Fox was my favorite & Danny Champion Of The World) his adult books are so incredible too (My Uncle Oswold, Over To You, Kiss Kiss) such an influence … I still have fantasies about hot chocolate lakes πŸ˜‰

          2. I can literally recall the imagery today of how I felt reading when he entered the peach (oo err!) how vivid and brilliant must writing be to have that kind of impact? (Or horror!)

  20. *applauding* Yes. You speak for many of us, my dear. Expression can’t be put into a box, tied with a pretty bow to please the critics. It comes as it comes. Those who can’t deal have issues well beyond before and beyond our writing.

  21. I love this. Truth, honest emotion. I really didn’t know how much I could connect with others until i found this place to write and also to read the expression of others.

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