Jean Shrimpton in Harper’s Bazaar.jpegYou try to convince yourself
but the only person who believes you
is you
with your hands in the warm water of the sink
faraway you hear the sound of dishes being washed
see a woman standing straight backed
her toes inverted
she’s staring out into the night garden
wondering why she believes herself
when everyone else can see she’s a fraud
a pretence
someone who subsists on delusions
like age doesn’t matter and
success isn’t measured by attainment
her thin veined hands
busy with pots and pans
to keep from stillness striking her dumb
behold her truth
she has gone through life with her mouth sewn
tied into knots of her own doing
and a few given her at birth
when they lifted her out into the stale city air
and said
well I see that
it’s a girl

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  1. It is hard, when nobody else believes in you, and you let other people’s opinions about you get the best of you, and yet, this is something we all must cope with on a daily basis, because we are social, and there’s no way we’ll ever be able, to get rid of the noises that we receive, form a second-to-second basis. .

  2. This brought to mind the middle-aged housewife, disenchanted as she comes to terms with her life, feeling undervalued as she performs the unpaid, servile tasks expected of her gender, and perhaps pretending to find self-fulfillment in it all while others know that there is little value in her service.

    1. Thank you Eric. Today I’m sad because I wrote about Avoidant Personality Disorder on a friends page, just basically saying we think effusive people are warm and sincere and sometimes they are not, and some internet Troll decided to use me as a punching bag and basically accuse me of being an asshole .. so I spent too much time being sad about that I need to learn to let that shit go! Thank you for your kind words I really needed them! I appreciate YOU my friend

  3. I absolutely love the deep truth is this piece. Reminds me of my birth culture. Expected to keep it all in. If we dare speak, then we are crossing over into manhood!. Thank-you 💞

    1. Thank you so much for this lovely comment it is very appreciated! I do think that the culture of birth in some cultures is still undervaluing women and I would hope one day all women are treated with the respect and equality they deserve. Thank you so much!

      1. It’s my absolute honor and joy . Growing up in a family of both girls and boys, as girls we were trained to speak to the male literally on our knees ( that was described as a good respectful girl/ woman). And if as a woman dared to speak or want otherwise, then they are labeled faminest. I absolutely love old traditions but I am deeply troubled when I see women lowered to less of human beings.

        1. Exactly! I know some Hispanic families that basically treat the female as a second class citizen and it’s true in all walks of life all cultures all skin colors and until that ENDS we’ll never be free. I’m so glad that you are able to share your experiences to help others learn how wrong it can be and how hurtful but that you can SURVIVE which you have. Your words are courage to me.

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