Portrait of man and two women in orchard --- Image by © Robert Recker/Corbis
Is it you?
the girl who knows lustful eyes are on her back
is it you?
talking to your female friends
when a man enters
you reveal your choice every time
the man comes first
women only afterward
is it you?
thinking they don’t notice
when your eyes drift
from female conversation
to a man’s deeper tone
as if attention were garnered toward
the male of the species alone
don’t you see? you put down women
with every favor you give a man over
and whilst you may say
no that’s not true I am an equal opportunist
an observer will note
the change and variance of your attention 
you are a creature of men
owned by their regard
choosing them first in every scenario
sadly undermining
the worth of women
it is surely what lets us down most
the value we place on each other
being less than the other gender
call me an old embittered dyke
biased in her choice
if you need to
but truth speaks
louder than worship
and I must ask
is this you?