​It is simple and 
So complex 
How I love you
Ernest like early riser seeks solace in sunrise and brindled first bird call eluting over dawn’s silver head 
Slow the bread shows her potential when still the warmth in radiator shivers intermittent against loath frost of night left like trail of magic and cast off slippers fading crystal wonder against first light
It is simple and so complex 
How I love you
For I stay late beneath sheets seeking your hollows to press as velvet on cold window pane blocking out day and reality with your quickening pulse and the smell of meadow grass captured in sunlight beneath your chin as holding buttercups once spoke of dreams
What need have we, for sky and cloud, our rapture relies on the spinning unravel within our hearts carrying days behind our close
As noon steps against sun with perfumed drowsiness the stage, so fragile, shivers her magic leaving cast off moments to daub rain hats for the weary, straining to part and steer ships safely to shore