I’ll be careful. Today someone I’ve read and followed 2 years on WP sent me the ugliest response. I had written on their page “well done posting about the kidnapped girls being released who were returned home I wish more was said in the media as they ignore it but at least some of us care, glad you do.” They wrote back ” I didn’t see you posting about them so it’s stupid you say that, don’t speak, act.” Then they said ” and stop lying you troll I’m not your friend.”
I was being genuine and appreciative and friendly. Sorry if calling someone a “friend” and saying good post leads to character assassination. For the record I DO tell the truth, and i DO ACT.
Sick of assholes whose mission is to put good people down. From hence forth I’m being less friendly, less honest and won’t dare call anyone a friend. Yes i know the difference between an online friend and a IRL friend, sonetimes people can be both, sonetimes just an acqaintance. Too many truly shirty souls out there. FUCK this.

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    1. I should say, don’t let some online dickhead change who you are, but I completely understand your anger and frustration

  1. I’m sorry that happened to you. There are 100’s of incredible wonderful thoughtful people here. Glad you care and keep going. Cause that’s what’s valuable! Just as you are!

  2. I’ve felt this way. I’ve told myself to stop being so kind or loving because it doesn’t mean shit to so many people and just gets me taken for granted. Im so sorry someone was so rude to you. You don’t deserve that. I know it’s easy to say, brush it off, but the reality is that it hurts and it’s hard to do. Hugs, Candice. I’m sorry. ❤️

  3. Oh wow! It took a lot of gumption on my part to start leaving comments…it can be tricky. I love when someone leaves a note on my posts…it makes my day. But wow, how rude! ;(

  4. I’m so sorry you had to deal with that. It hurts when you’re being genuine and nice to someone and they don’t understand and put you down for it.

  5. Don’t compromise your integrity just because someone out there is being an asshole. You’re far better than that! Besides, it will make you feel like shit if you are not true to yourself. Put their stuff where it belongs. NOT in your space! You know it’s not true what they are saying, so don’t own it.

  6. So sorry to hear about this unpleasant response to your genuine appreciation. Who knows what triggered their inappropriate response. I’m reminded of Michelle Obama’s comment at the Democratic convention: “When they go low, we go high.” Whatever you choose, be true to yourself and know you have support.

  7. I’m sorry that happened to you. You are one of the kindest people I have met on here, or anywhere for that matter. I’ve never felt anything other than genuine love and support from you. I can’t understand why some people act the way they do… so hurtful and damaging. I can’t imagine how I would react if someone had said that to me. Once the shock and initial pain eases a bit, I hope you can remember that that person is the one with a problem, an ugly fault, not you. You are overflowing with love and kindness and I need you, the world needs you <3 xoxo

      1. And thank you for you. I’m so sorry that you were hurt and I hope seeing how many people love you will wash away the pain and replace it with peace. Love from one friend to another <3

  8. Candice, gon’ brush your shoulders off. If we could all be focused on one cause, then the world would be in a much better place. That would mean all of the other causes have been addressed and righted. You have a beautiful soul. Keep ya head up.

  9. If one person without character can alter someone with truth character…who has won and who else loses from your withholdings? A random question from another poet.

      1. You, me, many of us, are sensitive and though it means some parts of life hurt us more, it also means we see and bring more beauty, compassion and kindness… this is what I mean when I say I, and the world need you. The world needs more sensitive souls. If we thicken our hides, we lose some of the beautiful part too. <3

        1. Very well said. So true, I am one of those. You are too. That’s why we relate and get on, in part, and I agree, the world does need a balance always. Thank you so much for your support. You have mine in equal number. xo

  10. I’m so sorry my friend. Remember it’s hurting people who hurt other people. Doesn’t excuse it. Just explains bad behavior like that, my FRIEND!!!! Je t’aime, mon ami 🙂 <3

  11. You are the most talented poet I have EVER read!
    ( I get the irony of writing this after I just posted my last comment, but it is true)
    You inspire me!
    Thank you for being you and sharing that with us.

  12. I am weary of people who decide to have a go at you ! As for my voice I add it to the others who have all written beautiful things about you. You are a writer- and in the firing line of those who desire to mess with your mind/ heart. I am saddened by this. And yet even in this negative response you received from someone you have known- others have have rallied to your side and expreseed love. Don’t let one person cause you to protect your self- from those who VALUE you !!!!! Your friend…………..

  13. Hi, that blogger’s behavior speaks more about them than about you. Probably a frustrated lot. Changing your good self for someone not worth a thought is not a good idea. Continue being yourself and allow yourself to find and choose great people online to be friends with. Ignore the rest. There’s night and there’s day. Beauty of night is the moon, and problem of the day is scorching heat…. Both some of the days.

  14. Words have the power to heal or to curse. We have to be careful as to what comes out of our mouths, Becaus the words you spoke over some one- may be to painful to leave the mind. Sometimes it only takes maybe ten seconds to say something- to hurt a person- and in ten years time those words still remain.
    Take a bag of feathers- and place one on each step of the person you have spoken or written about- this may take a while. Once you have done this- I would ask that you go back to each step and pick up your feather of words you left behind to hurt some one. Unfortunately you cannot pick them up- because the wind has carried them away. It has become impossible to take back- AND THE PERSON HURT !! You are worth every word you write my friend….. and I am sure you will as usual demonstrate your gift of writing….. Be blessed to day….. Every word that has been spoken in to your heart- I break those words in the name of Jesus …xo Keep going my friend- we all value you……..

  15. I would not anticipate that a blog that features poetry would write a post about the girls being returned home. That was unfair of the person to assume that you would do so. Dear friend, continue using “friend” because that is a reflection of your heart. Don’t let angry people define you.

  16. The individual who’s post you’d commented on probably still felt traumatized by her/his experiences, that, is why s/he said those awful things to you, because sometimes, although we want others to empathize with our life’s circumstances so badly, and when we actually receive the supports we’d always wanted to have, we don’t know how to respond, because we’re just, unaccustomed to it yet, so, don’t take it personally…

  17. Dear Candice, that response is non sensical and superficial, and you are right, there is too much of that kind of bitchiness. But it is absolutely no reflection of you and your lovely character. And honestly, that second line is just bizarre. (I mean, good grief, what planet are they on?!!!!)
    Much love to you, and I really hope you will feel some peace of mind <3

  18. It’s good that you excised that anger from your soul with this post. Now, you can return to blessing us with more of of your lovely thoughts and words 🙂 ❤

  19. People…they’re the worst. Not really. Some have issues they’re working through. Knock the dust from your shoes and move on. There are many of us who value your friendship. Be true. Be strong. Be loved.

  20. It is the human condition that some must immolate others to feed their own self worth. “I am so much better than this person because I …….” Hence we have grammar Nazis etc.
    It is a sign of their failings not yours so forget them and stay true to who you are because that person strikes me as pretty cool.
    Give a few less fucks for the assholes and trolls of the world, it makes like easier.

  21. Don’t let one person try to define who you are, love. Just because you don’t post doesn’t mean you don’t care. From what I’ve seen you are a very loving person, and many are grateful for that. Much love, Candice 💓

  22. I am truly honored that you call me your friend, even though we’ve never actually met. Your words have touched my heart in so many ways. There will always be people who try to suck the life out of you. Don’t let them!!!! Love you, my friend ❤

  23. Wow! What a miserable soul. People like that are the reason that the world is in such a sad state. YOU should not change one bit.

  24. Some people are such trash! They have crappy things happen to them, and in turn take it out on others who don’t deserve it. Then karma circles back around and gets them again (for being a jerk). It’s a cycle. I hope you can rise above that and for sure don’t take it personal. It is their loss!!

  25. That person is an idiot. People sink to the worst of themselves online, and it’s such a shame when talented, kind, and truly thoughtful people like you get caught in their cross-hairs. Your comments have made my day on more than one occasion. Please don’t let one nasty ass-hat take you down!

  26. Forget that person. I’m new to this community and you’ve already made me feel welcomed. I’ll be your friend.

  27. So sorry to hear about the bad experience! Sometimes the internet brings out the worst in people.
    Just please keep posting your awesome poetry and commentary. Sometimes your work is as jarring and perspective-changing as a tab of blotter acid, and at all times it is luminous and beautiful.

    1. Dear Fin, I agree. I appreciate so much your support and your encouragement and your time writing this and reading me. Please know I read you with the same gusto (I don’t think I have ever used that word before but it seemed so apropos!) and am grateful for you

      1. Thank you for saying that. You write and post with such bravery and skill that most of us readers just envy you your brilliance in the perfect turn of phrase and occasional malapropism most appropriate. So we forget that you too are a pilgrim on the same journey, desiring a kind word same as us all.
        And as always, thank you for visiting and recognizing my posts. Your time and attention are most kind, and your comments always add a touch of class.

        1. Dearest Fin, thanks for saying that about bravery means a lot since I try to ‘go where I fear’ in writing. Thank yo. I really appreciate your appreciation (mouthful!) I am a pilgrim I like that phrase and idea we’re all in this together. Thank you so much you have me beaming from ear to ear!

  28. You are brilliant….. Continue writing please. For you it is important. I am no longer
    I don’t like the writing- deleted everything. Time for me to stop. Thank you for every thing…..

    1. Yesterday I went to your site and I saw it was closed I thought it was one of those WP hink things OR that you were online as sometimes you cannot get to someone’s site when they are doing things. But now I read you are closing it? What happened? I wish that you would not close it. I mean I know I can talk as I did (but I regretted it) but I wish that you would not. I’m very sorry to hear that and I think you have a lot to offer writing-wise. I understand it has to be your decision I respect that but I hope you will reconsider and also that you will keep in touch irerspective of what your final decision is. You have my email and I hope I hear from you just to know you are okay?


  30. Candice Louisa,
    you will always by my poetry boo!!!!
    Some people are good about telling you where they stand. Others lie in the weeds.
    Take a breath.
    As we say in Texas: “It ain’t nothing but a thing.” ( with a much heavier drawl, of course)
    Don’t let that ***thing*** stink up your path.
    Be glad that you now know where to sweep, mop, and disinfect.
    Get back into the swing of things.
    <3 <3 <3
    YOUR friend,
    P.S. I dig your take on Mental Health – advocates are very hard to get these days.

    1. Dear Larry, wow thank you I don’t know what I did to deserve such a nice message but I am really happy to receive it and grateful to you! BTW I’m in Texas too neighbor! Where abouts? (must be Dallas way if you got the drawl, am I right?) xoxo (you made me crack up laughing with ‘poetry boo’ I may just have to keep that one!’

  31. Usually I just click like on your posts but I didn’t want to like this post because that was mean and cruel of the poster. I think your posts are genuine and very thought-provoking. Keep being you and keep up the good work

  32. I’m so happy you called them out. Bullies are the worst and need to get told so! 🙂 I adore your candor, humanity and honesty. You are an inspiration in every way and I’m so blessed to have you orbiting in my space. <3 <3 <3

    1. Totally agree my sister this is so true and I can’t stand that there are so many social media ‘haters’ for no reasons other than hate. Thank you for being one of the (very) good ones my beautiful

  33. I’m sorry to read about this experience of yours TheFeatheredSleep. I can feel you are a kind person. Please continue to inspire us with your words. Hugs.

    1. Dear Lyn, thank you very much for your kind and much appreciated support. I endeavor never to let others prevent me from talking about things I feel matter to us all, though at times it can be challenging as I’m not tough enough. Thank you!

  34. You know what Candice? Fuck them! Fuck the stupid assholes – they are not worth your time and attention if they can’t take a friendly word with a smile and a thanks, like sane people. I’m sick and tired of those pompous fuckwits who assume shit and think they are the only ones “making a difference” – let them rot in their self-centred holes

    1. Thank you Purple Girl I was more angry at being upset at all about it, I wished I could flick it off like the bullshit it was, but you know me! I’m with you I really am sick of it though, seems worse-and-worse and the more you are genuine the more it happens. The trick I suppose is NOT to change because then the whole world will turn grey. Fortunately there are still truth-tellers out there who appreciate their bretheren. xo (thank you Manon) xo

  35. Your allowing their pain within to bring you down. You know your worth…stand in it…and it will set you free.
    They only reply to you from a place within that tells them that they are not worthy, and lash out from those feelings. They block those feelings by lashing out, trying to make them feel better about themselves. But it is not until they seek that truth deeper within, that they will see that it is a feeling of rejection from those that they love. And until it is faced it will hold them in its grip. We all have our fears, and in fact we create them by those very actions that we do. They are afraid to be open and loved because they don’t want to be hurt. But the very action of lashing out does just that, by pushing people away and blocking any love towards them, leaving them in a very lonely place.
    Face yours by understanding where they are coming from, a place they are afraid to look because of the pain that is associated with it. We all must go through this, and in doing so we will become the love and happiness we so desperately seek in our lives. Understand the ‘why’ of how we feel…and it will set you free.

  36. Wow, sorry to hear you had a run in with a vile nasty. I do hope you haven’t really let them dictate how you will behave. From what little i’ve read here so far it seems you are better that that. Just say Fuck them and do you!

    1. I like that! I am trying to (not literally) fuck them and write out what I need to. It was hard as one person said something to the effect of ‘you are writing all these stupid ass poems with nude girls as pictures’ it was just too intense I felt like they were trying to tear everything away, but you’re absolutely right and I know it. Thank you for reading this and for your comment I am very grateful to you.

  37. That’s awful. He or she sound a little demented. I’ve experienced that too. But I’ve had far too many positive Internet relationships, true friendships too. Take Kindra, an original MySpace friend. It’s incredible what we’ve done together, yet we’ve not met…yet!
    I see this is not an old blog from you, so the incident was recently. I hope you’ve recovered from it all now. ❤

    1. Wow you and k knew eachother from then? I met you through her I knew I must be great because u were friends the ties that bind♡ yes demented msybe I feel bad for them but can’t go there♡

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