In simmering evening glow

beheld in jewel

moon, its pearlescent oval

hushes barking day


For you are

held in my long hand

a heart engraved

rapture slavishly wound

about my making

as roses grow

thick in fragrance

nearer their petals


For you are

a sound etched in dark

slung over time, carried far

played years later

still we hear

the raw crocus

of your emergence

from stillness.

In unfolded stymen

this pollen we bequeath

each other

wordlessly with

oiled grace

are songs

unsung by

felted lovers.

For you are

my undoing

this life rented out

if you, indigo bird

solace in sweet brine

did not exist

nothing bearable

should survive.

In the marbled cave of our

entreaty, we

pour together till

stiff with purpose

a stalagmite to

behold the

ambering of

our union.

For you are

without comparison

touching that center

blazing and forgotten

sweeping landscape where

birds fill low trees with

their heavy cries

I catch my own voice

beneath your

urging form, we

merge together

softness a dream

to float upon.

In all the days spent

making sense of emptiness

the curve of your jaw

meeting high cheeks

eyes darker than ink

nothing replaced this

urgency to never

leave your side.

For you are

tasted between

consuming sweetness


the mellow fruiting





0 Replies to “For you are”

        1. I’ve been thinking of you. I know you’re well out of town so hopefully safe in all of this hysteric madness but I wanted you to know I was thinking of you nonetheless and hoping you were all right and sending you lots of love.

          1. Thank you for thinking of me. I’m spending a lot of every day chatting with family, far more than we ever usually do, simply because they are all off work and possibly getting a bit anxious.
            Yes, we’re geographically isolated from contact with people, but we still have to shop occasionally. Up to now there haven’t been any disaster movie crowd scenes, but services are being reduced every day. Postal service, refuse collection, rationing in the pharmacy, market closed. I worry more about the effect on the economy and how all these kids are going to find work again.
            Keep out of the way of as many people as you can. Self isolate even if the state doesn’t require it. It’s just silly carrying on as if we’re immune. No one is. The Pope’s taking no chances 🙂

  1. The imagery of these lines left me spellbound Candice, just exquisite 💙🌏
    “blazing and forgotten
    sweeping landscape where
    birds fill low trees with
    their heavy cries”

          1. Thank you dear Candice, I’m ok in my little villa. Reading and writing, although my computer is playing up.. stay well,.. take care… 💙🌏

        1. If I were half of you I would have better hair and a wonderful genius ability with writing so – any time you want to share half of you – I get first dibs on the body/mind transplant.

          1. Oh Cand, I wrote your name down on my list of people to check in on! I’m doing okay – London is on lockdown but I have books, cigarettes, coffee, wine and an empty notebook to fill, so I’ll be just fine. Thank you for asking, sweet girl. How are you doing? xxxxxxx

  2. Transporting in every way…. A spring song to match the birds and the crocuses (which now in my mind have a sound!)

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