Yes it’s true
holding on too tight even when they ask you to
causes eels to revert back to nature
and seek to wriggle free
you said
hold me so tight I cannot escape
I found I was
even when I didn’t know it
never good at sharing
imagining you the idol of another
I felt your place was with me
that was wrong wasn’t it?
you were a bird in a cage
I didn’t have the key
it was down your throat
stopping you from singing
and when the storm came
you coughed up all your metal
and turned it on me
I must say
you sounded beautiful
as you flew
far beyond us both

0 Replies to “Flight”

  1. THAT is a hell of a poem. I wish I wrote it. The key in the throat and the song… that’s utterly gorgeous.

  2. A beautiful heart touching and soul seeking writing. Once again, you give us the space to meditate on your writing as we think about ourselves and people we know. Your gift is very special! A poem like this when reflected upon allows the reader to go their own way with their own personal meditation. Thank you! Your poetry is so much more than just reading if one realizes what you are offering!

  3. Loss is such a difficult thing to write about in any original sense, but I think you’ve gone and done just that right here. Wow. This is a poem I wish I’d written. Especially the part about the key. 🙂

          1. Aww shucks don’t make me blush C, 🙂 but you are a sweet friend as well and for that I thank you tremendously from the bottom of my heart. I don’t connect with many but you are one of the few I consider a true friend. One of the reasons being is you liked the show vikings like I did ha, and the other well you are a good hearted person. By the way are you a virgo? Because I am and you seem like one

          2. My oldest BFF is a Virgo she’s a beautiful person inside and out. So no wonder I like you so much (and the Viking Connection, ha ha ha!) (oh, andbecause you are great)

          3. Yes, I love Hannibal
            I find it to be very interesting
            He talks so calmly then cooks those people like a 5 star meal

          4. I thought so! I told you to watch him too I think way back in our ‘former lives’ ha ha ! mmm other good shows? I have been watching some Scandanavian shows on WALTER which is via Netflix Roku. They’re good if you don’t mind reading subtitles. What else do you like?

          5. I don’t mind reading subtitles. I will have to watch those.
            I thought tudors tv show was ok.
            I have been looking for new tv shows but I love action films the fast and furious series I love.
            As a child I liked Xena warrior princess don’t ask me why lol.

          6. The man who was in Tudors, the really good looking one who played Henry, he’s in a vampire show, called Dracula, that’s pretty good if you like vampire shows (have you seen TRUEBLOOD?)

          7. Oh I love vampires. True blood was amazing I liked the wolves in that show. I haven’t seen Dracula yet.

    1. I know I’m an unreliable reader these days, but it’s a treat to read your poems. This one in particular… Sending you a bouquet of desert roses!

  4. yes! this is an amazing representation of holding onto something and knowing that you must let go. Absolutely breathtaking!

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