manon4You reached the river
as your hair dragged you beneath
a weight within water within echo
your thimble wrists and slender elbows
unable to resist the lure
water witch they said
girl of the mountain
purple sage
perhaps an angel
or a magi lost in olive groves
your cheeks are reddened by my regard
I wake thinking of how your body
looks in setting sun with the fine heat
behind you like a wild shadow
dancing on sombaro
you are the kind of woman few would dare to pursue
it is not your nature to stay long
in the lisping skip of your tenderness
you leave us longing without knowing
we do
dis-moi fille sauvage
de quoi donc as-tu si peur?
la vie n’est pas un mirage
nous avons tous un coeur

(last four lines Richard Anthony / Fille Sauvage)

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      1. You are an Angel Husband, my friend in US. We the French people, will always be for you because I shall never forget, because America knew how to die so that France, is reborn!!!
        Thank you my girl Husband

  1. Il est vrai que nous avons tous un cœur, mais il ya certains qui ont été assez blessés pour l’empêcher d’aimer autant qu’il pourrait peut-être. Je t’aime, N 🙂 <3

    1. Natalie bravo cher prof vous m’encouragez toujours à faire des progrès spécialement à propos de mon travail j’ai l’envie d’avoir votre esprit de travail 1000! merci xx

      1. Malheureusement c’était surtout l’illusion chère Candice. Il a été trop long depuis que j’ai étudié le français donc j’ai eu beaucoup d’aide de Google translate. Mais c’était amusant de voir ce que je voulais dire dans la langue que j’ai toujours tant aimée. Je t’aime, Natalie 🙂 <3

        1. Are you kidding? You did GREAT! The truth is … without constant use any language is hard to write (easier to understand) because it’s like anything you forget. People say you cannot forget your ‘native’ language but that’s not true, you can forget anything you don’t use. I admire you for using yours! I was horrible at languages I could never master Spanish or German (though the latter was not such a loss) and I spell awfully in those I can speak! 🙂

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