03om12jumpPerhaps we are all born in the right era
growing up regretful we did not come of age
when life was better
the tinge of past tense
greener fields and sentiment
but should we care to revisit them
time shows we are all here when we should inherit our turn
for children of today
do not wish to sit sloppy and long gaited sharing close space
our communication and intimacy has barriers
we have not learned to be comfortable with intrusion
going about our lives unmolested
I could not have endured the proximity
continual chatter and energy required of those
born without headphones and opt outs
they knew how to socialize
crammed on sweating buses before air conditioning
whilst I believe
had I been born in an early century
I’d have taken myself away and reverted
back to the iron age
becoming a mineral underneath earth
where excited hands could pound
their fists of enthusiasm
for I have no wish to be
celebratory or illuminated
more than the passing of one year to next
it is in the quiet avoidance I find most pleasure
those born in times of chatter and noise
rationed by over-head bombs
heralding progress, talking to strangers
you think the world unfriendly now and it is
when it came our time
everyone went quiet
the buses were empty
just a book here and there lay
bent at the spine and unread
for we who keep our windows shuttered
do not wish to join the throng
but sing in lilac trees over looking
the quiet fish pond

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        1. Exactly, compared to the kids now who play on the computer and do not know how to climb a tree. I am glad I was a child when I was a child and not later on. Now everything is sanitized, I wonder where imagination goes when it is unused?

  1. Omg, yes!! I want a welcome mat in front of my house that’s actually a secret trapdoor, a door handle that’s sharp as a knife so people won’t try to get in. I need to be left alone as much as I need to breathe and yes, anxiety and narrow airways if I’m forced to be social during one of those moments I’ve pulled the curtains and burrowed under the covers

    1. Funny the mercury of those emotions, one moment we are dancing on table tops, the next it’s too close to have neighbors … don’t know what that’s called but when I think of the 1950s and the forced social discourse, I’m pretty glad to be born when I was born. Bad rep or not, we had the best duvets.

  2. There are “days when I do not wish to join the throng”. Southern Georgia, end table of a cheap motel. Expensive bourbon, Bible, one silver ounce coin and a gun. I worry about the person who wold find me and how that could harm them forever. I don’t wish to be the cause of such memories.

    1. True, at least you think of that, many who do things do not think that far down the road, they think about the moment like a Springstein song, no further, no thought to their children. I have no children so I do not have that responsibility but if I did, I would never, ever bequeath them that

  3. I want the 60’s/70’s music back when you could actually understand the words to a song, where artists had to struggle for years, wrote their own music and songs, playing on stage with only a guitar and a few band members. In those days we didn’t see flashy backup dancers or singers, no one paid $4,000 to see someone sing or the artist didn’t come equipped with a headset attached instead of a microphone to sing. Also, artists didn’t have to be embarrassed by their lip-synched songs playing on stage instead of themselves. πŸ™‚

  4. Wow, another stellar one missy Feathers!!! No sooner almost than I prayed for more of the last one I read, here this one came to answer my prayer! Je t’aime!!! πŸ™‚ <3

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