dee1425102310418306849166b24e12din the shape of hurt
disabused crumbs that should have been cleared up
leave indents in her skin
the dirty light lets in patterns
betraying themselves in dent
sophomoric hush of fan
blowing away evidence
her nose stung
from her plunge
into white rabbit’s secret stash
her thighs burned
from the price
all dare-devils pay
her lips hurt
where he bit them
stain the world red
he said
and pushed her head
down where the glory
hole and the mad hum
met and danced
in fish net
fling yourself open
oh no please don’t
smile until your skin peaks off
they’ll never know
pensive sadness limbering in the wings
hide …. hide
behind the downcast flicker
comedians you see, are often glad to make you laugh
for they get
in audience
to bedazzle
through the glamor you hide yourself
a slow leak of helium
out of sight
lest we reveal
motioning truth
behind our tight, painted smile
they made a pact
to promise the impossible
and she did
because to her
nothing was impossible
she could hold her breath
swim all the way to the end
rubber bricks don’t scare her
she is made of water
hefting it from its press
her fingers cramp
she tells herself
this is just like every day
we get up …. we hold on
grasping harder, she pulls
surfacing to the sound
of suffered world
with its groans and verucca socks
a response to noise
to lie just beneath
the surface
letting fawn dappled light
reach through