14718735_10202095537187418_8475389863967140182_nAs she ticks upward
the hours tick down
crossed off by permanent pen
no you will not live this moment again
seize it as you would a hot sparkler
waved maniacal by laughing children
through mittened thin protection of wool
and in that conjure
you still the thunder of
what you didn’t achieve
what you didn’t yet reach
in the circumference of your dreams
just before burn
becomes indelible
raise up
let go of all worldly commands
to obey and bow
you are beholden only
to ushered majesty of tomorrow
make it worth your time
here standing in line with
other decaying eyes
blinking against saline
for soon you will rise
a little sorer for your walk
parchment for skin
timidity taking over waltz
then when you think it’s too late
surprise yourself again
swelling with love and energy
like the old dog who hears his returning master
will out run even March hare
for nothing is as lasting
as devotion
turning blushing cheek to quixotic moon
spilling beyond possibility
like frozen water is released
with first thaw
purest of all