9edcc63634776b74ee5539c5d4f18ce7She sat
the leather of the chair
damp beneath her
no underwear
revealed in candle light
a straight spine
a crouching mind
she obeyed
not for fear or need to ruin
but the sheer freedom of feeling
her knees rub against carpet
her mouth close upon bit
her eyes lost beneath satin
she knew
when it came
the lash would last
as long as forever
the welt may diminish
the pain may recede
still she could feel
the weight of regard
afixed to her as light of fire place
illuminated what she could not
her darkness exposed
take what you will
take what she cannot give
and in setting her free
she is within and without cage
able at last
to feel the breadth of herself
by your regard she finds reflection
not the echo she reinterprets
there in the scour of past
but the lover
piece by piece she learns
to offer her secrets
for trust is earned
in every move toward
the command

0 Replies to “Command”

  1. Damn Candice. I think this is the most sensual and intriguing submission poem I have ever read. Incredibly evocative and nuanced and ringing with emotional truth. Like our innermost fantasies (or secrets) brought to life.

  2. Something I won’t ever understand, and don’t want to either. However beautifully the act of submission is described, I can’t see anything but another angle on the sanctioning of brute force. Not a criticism of your poem, simply the act.

      1. I honestly don’t see much difference between the who sado-maso stuff and turning the voile into some kind of integral part of feminist ideology. Both defy logic.

  3. I don’t remember the quote exactly….something similar to the prison guard is the prisoner….powerfully and beautifully written where you again give us, or me, the reader space between the lines to absorb ( after reading each piece several times) what you have created. It is there, I take my time and allow each line to take me places you write about. Thank you for sharing your gifts!

  4. I completely understand this and connect to it just as easily as if you were describing how to cook spaghetti.
    Excellent offering.

  5. Whew….this is simply amazing and pulse-quickening, Lady. Absolutely marvel at your ability to strike so much detail in so little words. <3

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