still yourself
quiet that timber within
threatening to fall
weight around our necks
chains of emotion hidden and heavy
yoke and pull
hands touching earth
crumbling from once
staring upward
a tree with open branches
catching absorption 
closing in on itself
like a black-eyed giesha 
snaps her painted fan
her silk bound feet shuffling
toward her purpose with dust of centuries
left in tug-boat wake
softly her emboidered kimono opens to reveal
a wooden center carved out smooth
she is a boat
carrying you over glass
aimed due west where the sun inks water crest with single bristle 
as lovers will carefully trace outlines
with thin brushed follow
as two cells divide and multiply
within the tree an echo
you stood here before breathing deeply
catching the timeorous whistle of life
carrying it into you as
a silver thrush will herald her joy
in bathing sunlight
you stood here before growing undaunted
no wood cutter can touch
splinter or mar your canopy
if your briar roots
welding with center and circle
woven by creators hand
shall purchase their faith in holding tight
the seasons passing
man and his feeble reach
like children aching to climb
unable to gain leverage
take to marbles below
sheltered from restless rain
their delight drifts high
oxygenated in relief
to be a child again and round the earth
sailing for eventual peace
found somewhere along the journey
as you take my hand and we listen
our heartbeats stilling in
chosen cohesion