Later-development-of-MOURNING-themeThe flower is black
it looks like a dark purple that has never
seen day
a velvet dress with stamen
the petals are erotic and familiar
with your need and your thirst
you could be a hummingbird
too fast in your urge
and the black flower
may be a hybrid
not entirely natural
its size and grandeur mark it
impossible of nature
you should be outraged
but amazement overtakes protest
after all … apple trees have long been fiddled with
the melding of one with another to cause
grafted sweetness
the same is true of all we deem
they have told you many times
you are not quite earthbound
so why then should it matter?
if beauty is not entirely dictate by natures rule
but the tinkering thumb of man
so like the softness of a diaphanous dress
you shall wear once
on the day of your marriage
when you give your hand
not yet marred by sun
still unclaimed and unburnt
and this day, you are plucked
to be admired afterward
pressed behind glass
a flower blooming
in darkness

0 Replies to “Black hibiscus”

          1. The silver and purple warriors have your back sista, leave the unworthy in the dust of their trite insincerity, you need them like I need Monday mornings (not)

  1. This is beautifully done, Warrioress. And you are a most beautiful bloom with a quality that speaks directly to my soul. Love you, my Queen of Thorns. <3

  2. A flower blooming in darkness! That’s a line that’ll stick with me. Your imagery leading up to that is richer and full, as always. I feel the emotions and power between the lines. And behind them, and above….

    1. There is a story I read once, unfortunately I do not recall which, but it had that line (flower blooming in darkness) I never forgot it. I expect it was someone like Baudelaire but I hope one day I shall find that line. Thank you dear one.

    1. The first thing I ever noted about Ft. Worth was the abundance of flowers everywhere. It is in my head whenever I think of that city. SA is also quite verdant (not nearly as much as you though) but the black flor de Jamaica takes my breath away.

  3. This is a very sad poem to me …. never realizing your potential, trapped..because of the dictates of society “pressed” upon you…. to never be fully realized is one of the great tragedies of man and woman… 🙂

    1. Thank you so much both for reading this and commenting, it is very appreciated. Sorry for the late reply I have been feeling a little under the weather. Thank you again!

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