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  1. It’s been a while, since I’ve been rendered speechless. These lines are why:

    “though they’d never understand why

    molested girls will open their legs to strangers

    it’s one of those sad dichotomies

    that’s also got a gender inequality label

    for don’t you know it’s not always

    piss and vinegar

    makes a young man rut and rut?

    we’re all carriers of some brand of pain

    and those damaged souls

    recognize each other”

    Confessional writing, or more like, writing to release–I feel are your best poems. They’re almost, always astounding. This, is no different.

  2. There’s just, this difference of judging the same behaviors differently for men and women, like if you’re a man, and you can’t control yourself, people say: you’re just, “exericsing” your “right”, whereas if we women screwed around, we’re labeled as sluts, and whores, and even worse names…

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