They say courage
Is learnable
Sometimes acquired in combat
 Trial by fire
But I have tasted white flames
Walked on coals
Swallowed whole
The seat of Hades
And still
Unable to grasp pole and walk electric tightrope
Never brave
A weathered rock unable to move
Even as sea receeds and escape, presents herself
It is not courage I possess
But by default
Staying power
Sometimes it is easier to be frozen 
Than act or flee
Simpler to tred water than
Drown or swim to distant shore
I am well versed in biding time
Treating days as if they were not precious
Undisciplined in
Owning my error
Avoidance becoming
They said I was a free spirit
I say
I was a gutless procrastinate
How long will life have waited
For me to act? Before
Sighing in disgust
She throws in her hat
Leaving me to consequence
For surely, what we believe in youth, will not burn
Catches up
Paying back ten fold
The only life is the one you make
To be a spectator in your own existence
Is not even a half measure
There is no reward for cowardice
No fulfillment in hiding
Life is a burning bush lighting darkness
It doesn’t burn nearly long enough
Are made of nothing without
Ernest endeavor 
Do not put yourself off
Climb the mountain
Conquer the voice telling you not to bother
For soon we are too feeble
Too near that twilight of the soul
It will be late then to lament
Take care never to postpone
And if you must, do not be harsh 
For those who stumble can continue to try
One day it will all be so worth it
Every ache, every struggle
Mighty is not always the healthy mind
But those who refuse to lay down 
And die before their time