I am the beadsman, sold into profession, by an ounce of circumstance

Once a swimmer until my leg broke

Once a fisher, but the fish swam faster than me

I listened to the sun as it sank, on my youth, dissolving quickly, orange sugar behind veil

And wondered how it was, I felt nothing for everything

I am the beadsman, came by this life as a bird comes by worm, wriggling out as rain hits earth

Turning what was dark, into caramel storm, such is the road I began, and it forked, gently like an accident, leaving nothing to chance

My father inherited this blood, wasn’t born, wasn’t his way

Came as a religious man to Africa, made the beads his faith

This is the inheritance that sits for me on the thin branch

Watching the way I live my life until it is time

To take my place where he once sat

No bead is identical, even children know that


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  1. “I felt nothing for everything” This is very powerful. The entire poem, really, but that line is ado strong.

  2. Chance and adaptation, life surprises, but the path is made of choices. Though he may take his father’s place, he is not his father. There is an openness in his future. his own, unique.

  3. Love this. I have always loved beads; collect them! For no apparent reason except that I resonate with them and think they are magical and cool….

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