I was lucky enough to Guest-Edit the Proud with Pride issue of the latest Pine Cone Review.

The Pine Cone Review is a literary magazine published by Editor-in-Chief and Founder, Susmita Paul. I met Susmita, who is an immensely talented writer, poet and creative, via The Kali Project last year.

Since then I have seen her produce some startlingly original, professional works and am always in awe of her ability to turn her hand to anything. In support of India’s LGBTQ+ community and worldwide, The Pine Cone Review stood in solidarity with their LGBTQ+ friends by highlighting LGBTQ+ work in this special issue.

The Pine Cone Review believes in making art available for everyone and is able to do this by creating a FREE E-Magazine of Proud with Pride. Please download it and share widely with LGBTQ+ supporters and poetry lovers. We are all very proud of this issue and thank everyone involved for their invaluable work.


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