All those who have gone before
stand behind with arms crossed
asking not to return
withholding themselves
long I felt their push
leave us
go on
on to the future
we are but transient wonders
signing the way ahead
maybe you thought us unconditional
such things are only in your head
fiction as the lullaby soothes
surfacing over truth in reluctant plaster
truth is
we were no more than a moment in time
chaffing against northern wind
not friends, despite collected words
just language, ticked sayings, signs and symbols
laugh at your faith in us
we had none in you
still the journey is undertaken
still the road steps ahead heavy skirted and leaden hearted
watching stars for their map
only disregard stared back
pain in the dying glitter
of false promises and forgotten allegiance
until my own walk journeyed
beyond those memories
of closed doors and turned heads
names I knew once as well as my own
palms with futures I thought part of hennaed auburn
they packed their bags and returned
to the spaces in their universe
not inhabiting me
with time the absence
once raw and gaping
I realized then
some people exist
to set you free
in bidding goodbye
cease to feature
like crossroads
stand solid and permanent
until they are passed
by westbound train