couv70586873You age up, your desires age down
you’d be too old for me now
but then when I was barely grown
you looked so good in your thirty-ish suit
the jaw line of age beginning to show
just enough to create a stirring, I wonder …
something deeply sensual in a confident woman
who has lived enough to feel
comfortable in her own brand of skin
I longed to touch the lapel of your shirt
or where your cuffs peaked out ruffled
little moments
your perfume lingering
the sound of heals on carpet
fading as you were accompanied
by a tall man to lunch
how could a girl just out of her teens compete?
I considered the movements of love
like Tai Chi, a gentle push
if you can sweep past obvious attributes
aren’t they also found in the twilight?
when you let me light your cigarette
and notice how close
I stand
our heat merging
the touch without touch, of energy
he may have spent a lot on lavish outings
but sharing wine from a plastic glass
on a warm night in the park
I touched where your heart beat
querulous against your tanned wrist
pressed to my lips
you sighed
more than you ever had
when he with his obvious methods
tried to beckon you near
sometimes birds flock in one motion
drawing out light of day
as I close the blinds and walk
a perfect line of longing
to the bed and
your nude warmth